Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Wreath Workshop

Hello friends! We have had a great sign up so far for our fresh flower wreath workshop on November 22nd. 17 of you lovely ladies have reserved a spot and I can't wait to see you all there. If you're still thinking about it, send me an email to We do have a limited number of spots available, so get in touch soon.

I've all sorts of wonderful things planned for this afternoon. We'll have Hey Sugar! serving up her finest cakes (and I'll be sharing with you all kinds of deliciousness she's created soon, just so you can get to know her :). And we'll warm up with yummy flavored coffees and apple cider. Don't miss out ladies! It's going to be oh so lovely. I look forward to seeing all the beauties you create with those gorgeous flowers.

xx Kirsty

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Butterfly at 17 Months

Our little lady is now 17 months and she's cuddly, funny, and absolutely delicious. We just can't stop smiling at her, all day long. Our favorite "new" thing is her love for blankets and our bed. She likes to be tucked into bed, and ours especially, and will even allow me to get ready while she cuddles there and watches her show under piles of blankets. I even found her fast asleep at 10am, after climbing out of the shower. So I cuddled up next to her and while she finished up her nap, I watched Sophia the 1st.
{Scarlet: blouse and leggings - Zara, bloomers - Gap Kids, shoes - My Beautiful Little Shop, bow - H&M}

Monday, October 20, 2014

Love, Love, Leopard

 {dress - mom's closet, bag - thrifted, booties - resale from Plato's Closet (GB)}

 I LOVE leopard and I don't even care! ;)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Adventures Outside with the Kids

Our fam headed out for a little nature walk last weekend, visiting a creek just down the hill from our home (one that I frequent with photo clients but don't get to visit as much with the family). It's such an incredible spot to enjoy some adventure time with the kids and they were in absolute heaven, yelling loudly to fill the quiet, dancing happy jigs, and in one tiny case, getting terribly mad at the fact that we weren't there to have a swim. Here are a few pictures from our autumn walk.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Family Photo Session with the Artels

Hello friends! 

I have another photo session to share with you today (so many to come too - whew!) and you'll notice the fall colors deepening with every session I share. This is always a busy month for photography as this state of Wisconsin is the most glorious place to live in October. It really and truly takes my breath away. The colors are at their peak right now I think, as every tree is just stunningly saturated, every block you turn. I feel spoiled with so much beauty. 

The Artels are wonderful friends of ours and I always love taking their pictures (12 & 3  other shoots!). And these two littles are just too cute for words. It's always so much fun to photograph children while they're playing and exploring, particularly when they're not too worried about the camera. :)

Hope you enjoy!
Love to you Genna! xx Kirsty

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