Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Ballerina: Spring's Muse {for YOU Magazine}

So excited to finally share pictures from the shoot I photographed for YOU mag's spring fashion issue. I am so grateful to have had a group of incredible women who are also ballet students, studio owners and ballet teachers that were willing to give up their morning to shoot this story with me. It was my favorite shoot to date! 

Thank you to Hannah (UWGB), Anna & Kristen (Green Bay School of Dance), Trisha (Main Street Conservatory of Dance), Chloe (Shirley Vans), Jen (Jenstar Yoga and Dance), Katelyn (GB Kroc Center),  and Renae & Kate (All That Dance). You girls were amazing and looked so beautiful! It was an absolute pleasure. 
 {Jen is wearing a tunic and jewelry from Wild Ginger}

And friends, let me introduce you to my exquisite mom (below). I asked her to model for this ballet shoot because she was a ballerina long before I was and she was my teacher for some time as a child. She encouraged me to follow in her footsteps and now, at the age of 60 (sorry mom, but it's soo impressive!), she's still so elegant and graceful and fabulous. Such an incredible inspiration to me. Love you mom!
{Lynn is wearing a sweater, dress and jewelry from Lady Savannah}
 {Hannah is wearing a dress and cardigan from Zulou}
A special thanks to Wild Ginger, Zulou and Lady Savannah for providing outfits for this feature. And to Petal Pushers for their lovely fresh flower rings. And a huge thank you to Timothy Josephs, the owner of Green Bay School of Dance, for allowing us to use his magnificent space for this piece.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures shot by Carbon Copy Studios. Thank you Eric!

Mixing dance and fashion and photography in one = best job ever! All my creative passions came together and it was awesome. Can't wait to do it again. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Fashion on Good Day Wisconsin

Here's a look at the 4 beautiful ladies that joined me on Good Day Wisconsin last Friday. I went on to talk a little about spring fashion and right now, my favorite thing about spring clothes are their simplicity, especially after all those winter layers! I love the fact that we can wear just one layer and keep it light and airy and sophisticated. Shed those cozy layers while you can and keep it simple.

I'm loving soft colors but this fashion show was really about new colors, those you've not worn in ages. Coral, lavender, citrus yellow. Try something new from the color wheel this spring, you might find a new fave! I'm also crazy about clothing that moves beautifully, like a skirt with extra volume that swishes as if it's doing a gentle dance while you walk. Think feminine and elegant for spring. And enjoy those delicate and romantic details during these warm months, lace and crochet, beading and florals. If you like fashion with a little more edge, add your leather jacket over something feminine. It creates an eye catching mix of fashion flavors that are equally as lovely but so much cooler!
{Victoria is wearing a romper from Charlotte Russe, belt from J. Crew, hat from Target}
{Jillaine is wearing a dress from H&M, booties from Anthropologie, and ear rings from Forever 21}
{Abby is wearing a dress from Victoria's Secret, heels from J C Penney, and ear rings from Forever 21}
{Olivia is wearing a dress from Asos and a fresh flower crown created by Ebb and Flow Flowers - learn to make one at our flower workshop on June 6th!}
{I'm wearing a top from H&M, skirt from Charlotte Russe, heels from Target}

You can watch our segment here!
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