Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Home Featured! {plus a few extra shots}

{getting some energy out jumping on the couch after his first day back to school} 

Woo hoo! We are honored to have our home featured on 2 blogs today. Little Gatherer said some really sweet words about Scarlet's room and they've included an interview with pictures. And Holly Marie Designs did a little interview with me a few weeks ago and Holly is also sharing a few of her favorite pics of our home. Thank you ladies for the wonderful features! When I stare at my yucky couch and think of how much I'd like to throw it in a garbage dump, features like these make me feel much, much better. At least there are lots of other great spots. 

I thought I'd add a couple of pictures here that were not included in these features. :) 
This particular shot of the living room (below) is one that I have never shared before because of the mess involved against this wall. A TV usually seems to be so ugly though doesn't it? It's a mixed up puzzle of cords, at least ours is, and there are many! My husband is a gadget guy and he loves his electronics. So we have EVERYTHING. Good for the guys, not so great for me. As you can see much of the mess is obscured with quilts and afghans, and thank goodness for those. Come winter they are a very real presence in our home - ha! They are constantly moving about as the bodies roam the halls. All this to say, I was inspired by the TV gallery walls I've been seeing a few brave souls creating and pinning (here and here). So I gave it a go with that map of Paris and a couple of vintage prints I painted over. Looking better already I think ... 
Full disclosure: I'm ready for a new house. I LOVE my house, I really do, but I get restless in the same place for such a long time. It's been 8 years you guys. Crazy! But no, we're not going to move ... I just love to dream and dream about the next place. Eventually we will move somewhere else but for now I'm just going to play with what I have. I'm a wanderer when it comes to homes (and my rooms tend to have furniture in a constant stage of motion and change as well). But just as they say Not all who wander are lost. Cheesy! And so true (serious face).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Gustafson Family Photos

It's the weekend and today is a huge party day! My sister Daena and her fam are throwing a massive end of summer celebration to thank everyone who played any part in praying, supporting, and caring for her and her family during her fight with cancer. There were hundreds of people near and far who were so amazing and who fed the Gustafsons and cleaned their home, sent notes and gifts to Daena, and most importantly, prayed for her daily. She had her last chemo treatment near the beginning of our summer and has spent these summer months getting back into the swing of a normal life and everyday, gaining strength and enjoying the little, cherished moments. 

So I thought I would share a photo shoot that I recently did with the Gustafson family in honor of their big party today! 
Love you guys so much!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Good Day Wisconsin - Back to School Style for Moms

Happy Friday friends! I had a blast putting together a fashion segment for our local Fox 11 news morning show, Good Day Wisconsin. I styled 4 fabulous mamas keeping 4 different women and styles in mind. We did a mini fashion show and everything! One friend pointed out that I can talk circles around fashion and she is right. I barely stopped to breath. ;)

Here are the looks one at a time with all the info you'll need to purchase them. These looks were styled with a mix of what each mom had in her closet combined with a few of my own pieces. So they are not all currently in stores but I have searched for similar items that you can shop. The T J Maxx items are current (purchased 2 weeks ago) but they do not have them on their website to shop, so again, I've linked to similar pieces. Enjoy!

The Edgy Meets Fun Mom
Shop the look:
scarf - similar Urban Outfitters $39
blazer - similar H&M $34.95
button up - similar Urban Outfitters $69
shorts - similar Urban Outfitters $58
shoes - similar Target $37.99

The Classic Mom
 Shop her look:
denim/chambray shirt - similar Gap $34.95
black skinny jeans - similar Gap $69.95
faux fur vest - similar H&M $39.99
black booties - Gap $89.95
fedora - similar H&M $24.99

The Sporty Mom
 Shop her look:
faux biker leather jacket - from Kohls similar H&M $39.95
black tee - similar  Target $11.00 
sweatpants - Target $19.99
cut out booties - H&M $69.95
scarf - similar H&M $9.95

The Bohemian Mom
Shop her look:
lace poncho blouse - purchased at T J Maxx but similar Forever 21 $32.90 and Dillards $49
boyfriend jeans - similar Old Navy $32
aztec booties - similar Amazon $26
bracelets - purchased from Earthbound Trading Co but similar Etsy $40
floppy hat - similar Amazon $29.99
scarf - similar H&M $12.95

And my look for the segment ... (with Scarlet as my accessory)
sweater - from T J Maxx similar Urban Outfitters $59
dress - from Target similar Lulus $42
leopard booties - from Sam Edelman similar Zara $159

If you'd like to watch us in action, here it is -

Thank you to all the stunning/stylish/sexy/fantastic women who participated! It was seriously such a fun morning. Fingers crossed I get to do this again, bringing fashion to morning television! :)
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