Thursday, November 9, 2017

Summer Dress into Fall

Hello lovelies! We shot this look before the temps dropped and quite dramatically too. Today it's a cool 30 degrees and if I was wearing this right now it would be a much cozier look, perhaps a pair of cream cabled tights and a big warm sweater in the same hue. Something a little more snow bunny-esque.  

But for this warmer fall day, this autumn floral jacket was all it needed. It's a moto fit in a very 90's tapestry, reminding me all too well of a vest I wore for my senior pictures in '95 - haha! A floral tapestry vest, fashionably (?) warn with pleated Bermuda shorts thankyouverymuch. Those senior pictures are something else, you guys. Wow. 

 Dress - Free People 
 Sneakers - Zara

Thank you Erin for the beautiful photography. 💗 Erin Jean Photography 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween with the Kids

Hello friends! We had a wonderful evening trick or treating with the kids yesterday and I wanted to share some of my favorite shots of them hard at work. From left to right, presenting... Master Chief, Mason Crosby, watermelon (later morphed into a banana), swat team, Lego Batman, unicorn and Miranda Sings. 😉
 (Kit Kat and Sour Patch Kids tend to be the ongoing faves)
I got into the spirit by channeling my inner Frenchie. 💝 

Till next time!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

All Those Sweet Fall Feelings ...

Hello friends! This October has been so incredibly beautiful. We've had amazing weather and as a result, spent lots of time soaking up the autumn sunshine and taking in the goodness of the stunning outdoors. The colors are gorgeous right now and I'm overdoing it with fall decor, with pumpkins around every corner and all the smelly candles and yummy fall foods. My husband had a good laugh when he saw how many massive pumpkins I'd obviously carried up our stairs to place at the front door. Whatevs dude, whatevs.

So Scarlet and I have these matching dresses from Zara and this is the first time I've tried a matching dress with her. I've had so many ladies ask about it already that I'm thinking this is a much "cooler" idea than I imagined and that there are other (crazy just like me) moms who would happily wear matching looks with their littles. Matchy moms unite!

And because so many have asked, I have a Zara hack. Ha! A size 13-14 girls is about the same as a small adult. And for me, they work best when they're a relaxed fit like this dress is. So voila, an entire girl's section to shop!
Dresses - Zara
Scarlet's boots - Zara 
My boots - Free People from Besselli 

Thank you to Erin Jean Photography for the beautiful pictures!
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