Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Best

Love mixing the coziest of textures for winter and on this particular Sunday it was a white cropped knit with a forest green suede skirt, a lucky find at my local thrift store last fall. Just 4 sweet little dollars and it's a beauty. (You may remember it from a shoot I did for YOU mag :). 

Sweater -  (old) Target
Skirt - Bethesda Thrift Shop
Booties - Zara (similar HERE but buy THESE instead!)
Belt - (old) Arden B
Necklace - Loft

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sparkly Green Dress

Cheers to the final post for 2016! Woo hoo. And I thought this dress was a perfect ending as it was my favorite outfit of the year. ;) 

I'm feeling so nostalgic today ... and have been going through many of my pictures from the year to be reminded of the memories we've made. There is so much I could say about 2016 and to tell the truth, it was personally a rough one. I've never been comfortable with sharing details about myself or my family life, and even struggle with sharing personal triumphs with others. I read many doing these sorts of things as they recap the end of their years but again, it's just not something I love to do. So of course, the struggles are even less likely to ever have writing time here but they are there. Just in case you thought I wasn't #be(ing)authentic. ;) Just don't think authenticity or complaining on my social channels is what you really visit for. So I'll stick with the happy stuff as I ring in the new year. 

As we move forward into 2017 I hope to continue blogging when I can with a focus on an intentional life lived finding the beauty in the everyday and enjoying the loveliest parts of our ordinary lives - family, creativity, fashion, beauty. When things get a little scary or sad, these moments are even more important, aren't they? Because we forget to see the good in our lives. So while there are the other sides of everything and life can be quite yuck ... there's always a sparkly green dress and a hot pink lipstick combo to cheer us up. 

Cheers to you on this last evening of 2016! We're off to dinner with our fam here in Tulsa and have big plans to celebrate the night away in sparkly dresses with a fancy dinner, drinks and party games. We'll see how far we get. Ha! I am most definitely a grandma in the making but I'm going to give it a good shot. Lots of love! 

Dress - Asos, over the knee boots - Target 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Two Christmas Dresses

The butterfly and I have worn all sorts of festive lovelies this month and on this particular day, we managed some photos. Woohoo! We hope to get a few more on Christmas Eve as that's when the family goes all out in our merry matching finery. Fingers crossed. ;)

And also, tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Finally! We've shopped and wrapped, baked and over-indulged, exchanged ornaments and favorite things, watched every kid's Christmas production under the sun, taken pictures with Santa not once but twice. And now, we get to celebrate Jesus with a beautiful Christmas Eve service and unwrap those piled up presents with those we love. It's nice to tuck away all the noise and focus on all the joy in our lives right now.
 Scarlet's dress is from Nori Child
My dress is from Zara and shoes are from Asos

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Christmas Home

Hello lovelies! Here's a peek at our Christmas home, just in the nick of time. Will be sad when it all comes down but we have taken full advantage of all the fresh greens and cozy furs and plaids, some of which can stay through the winter to continue to keep us warm. But most will of course be tucked away soon, so let's enjoy it for a minute before we say good bye again. :)

I used to be a sparkle girl when it came to Christmas decor (and still am a die hard with my holiday wardrobe) but at some point I started loving all the natural, woodsy Christmas pretties, all the amazing smells and textures the season brings. And so now it all tends to have a fresh cut tree, garland, and pinecone theme throughout. I think it's beautiful to have all those wonderful earthy elements inside while still adding plenty of the sweet whimsy with all the sparkling ornaments and little tabletop vignettes. I mean, give me a dinosaur dipped in glitter any day!
And here are a couple of sweet traditions Scarlet has loved this month. Haven't had a chance to photograph all of our meaningful memories, big and small, with my fancy cam. But I did capture these two, her advent calendar with a new choc every evening (a highlight of our lives right now) and her gingerbread baking. 

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