Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Painting Come to Life {for YOU Magazine}

I am so excited to share the pictures from our shoot for YOU Magazine's Arts and Entertainment Issue currently on coffee tables and newsstands all over town. For this feature, I selected 4 famous works of art and dug into them a bit, unearthing the outfit from the story, texture, color and movement of the composition. Boy oh boy, was this a fantastic project for me! I'm hoping that you'll be able to tell from this picture alone which work of art each lady represents. 

Vincent Van Gogh -  The Starry Night
"Our interpretation of "The Starry Night" comes to life as a star in the flesh, a radiant celestial being floating in shimmering silver lace and a cape that sparkles a deep midnight blue."

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait
"Our Frida Kahlo wears a bold mix of pattern, color and texture and is accessorized with chunky jewelry while fresh flowers decorate her braids."

Andy Warhol - 10 Marilyns
"Our Marilyn wears a red hot dress highlighting her beautiful curves and drips in the brightest and most dazzling vintage jewels."

Maxfield Parrish - Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

 "Our Sleeping Beauty us swathed in the understated elegance of a Grecian-like gown, delicate flowers spilling from her bodice and a goddess-like crown on her head."

A huge thank you to Chelsey Drifka, Victoria Stencil, Indigo Stoney and Jillaine Sturdivant for bringing these looks to life so beautifully. You girls were amazing! Mwa! And a thank you to Painting Pottery in De Pere for the use of their delightful little alcove. 

Read more in the mag about the life and work of each incredible artist and best of all, see these lovely ladies in print. :) Here's just a few more of the girls together. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pink Floral Skater Dress

{dress - Asos, shoes - Zara}

Hello friends! It's fitting that I have some style photos to share with you that include my little E today, as he has been the focus of my attention this week. I spent the night in the hospital with him on Sunday, after rushing him to the ER for horrible wheezing which I wasn't able to get under control at home. It was bad enough that they wanted to keep him overnight and keep him on breathing treatments every two hours, until his body wasn't struggling to get air anymore. He was sucking his tummy and his neck in and out to get enough air, working way too hard for it. Poor little guy. That begin said, he had the best night ever, thought it was absolutely fantastic staying in the hospital overnight. Me on the other hand, not so much. I had no supplies whatsoever, thinking I was heading there and back after we sorted him out in the ER. So it was, errr …. traumatic. But luckily only for me. Ha! Having every person at your beck and call is just about heaven for a child who ordinarily scrambles for complete and utter attention alongside 3 others. He was in heaven. He's doing really well now so it's all a very sweet/terrible dream. 

But moving on to clothes … as I love to do, well, this is my new favorite dress and just a heads up, you're going to be seeing a lot of it. ;) This was also my dance studio's recital weekend and Elliot and I snapped these pics when we returned home from the big show. I was sent some really sweet pictures of moments from our dance weekend, so I thought I'd share a few of them here. 

First up, dress rehearsal pics of our opening number, one in which our moon child falls asleep and carries us all away into dreamland. 
And here are a few snaps of warm up time with the older girls and prayers before the big show, with Scarlet watching on from her perch (thank you Daena!).
And a couple taken during the show (thank you Sheana!)
And just a few more to finish!
{costume: H&M}
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