Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Princess Makeovers - Disney Style

Hello friends! Here's a peek at our afternoon at Disney Springs' Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, a little princess makeover spent with the cousins. Scarlet was finally convinced to give the makeover a try (after an unsuccessful attempt at Magic Kingdom) only after I stepped away to buy her a snack from a nearby shop. When I came back she had been swept into this room alongside her very eager cousins, introduced to her very own fairy godmother-in-training, and was happily listening to this very animated young lady who talked and talked about everything and nothing (all completely make believe), as if she had been perfectly fine all along. Whew, huge run on there! But I'm so glad she put on a brave face and gave it a try cause it was seriously adorable.  

Here we go!
(hee hee)
And they lived happily ever after. 💖

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lilac and Lace

Hello lovelies! I've teamed up with one of my dear and beautiful friends, Erin of Erin Jean Photography, to create several swoon-y style posts for you. Her photography makes everything look that much more gorgeous, so I think you'll love these posts as much as I do. Plus if we discuss the "real life" actuality of me creating style content over here in my little world, it's basically come to me begging my husband to take my photos and then complaining that he didn't get the shot I wanted. Hah! You'd think we have twitches with the amount of eye rolling we do during our photos sessions. So in the most round about way ever, I'd like to thank Erin for her inspired collab-ing with me and her gift for turning my outfits into so much more with her remarkable eye for beauty. 

With the onset of summer, I am eager to feel sun kissed and freshly made-over again. Wind in my hair, pink glossy lips, sweet sunny dresses and no fuss sandals. Right?! And I'm loving the feminine off the shoulder blouses and dresses summer brings, so romantic and pretty! Everything about this particular blouse is my warm weather fave - the lace, the tiny floral print, the flowy silhouette. Yeah, it's basically my closet soul mate! 😍 We're so lucky to have found each other. 😚

Denim is one of those closet staples I love year round and for summer it's those denim cut offs that become my fave. But this season is all about the come back and reinvention of the jean skirt, something I remember wearing a lot in the 90's. Love them again!

Not every single idea is a great one. Obviously. 

Outfit details:
blouse - Zara (this one's pretty HERE, adorable HERE and HERE)
denim dress (worn as skirt) - Madewell (similar HERE)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Our 2nd Day at Disney - Magic Kingdom

Our second day at Disney World was spent at my favorite park, the Magic Kingdom. I think of all the parks, this one has my fondest childhood memories though I actually only went once as a kid and was already 11 years old. :) Everything about Magic Kingdom transports you to another world and what can be better than stepping into a real life storybook. It leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. We love everything about this place, those beautiful lands they've created and the fantastical rides they've placed within them but even more brilliant than Splash Mountain, It's a Small World and Dole Whips is that awesome character parade and Cinderella's castle. Those 2 features are my absolute favorite and it's really hard to miss them, which is a bonus.

We began our day in Adventureland, with pirate and mermaid makeovers at Pirates League. We had missed the opportunity to do the princess makeover at the castle but were not disappointed in this more pirate-y experience. In fact, after visiting Bippidi Boppidi Boutique in Disney Springs the next afternoon for more makeovers (I know!), this one was much, much cuter. So here are loads of pictures of that little adventure. Scarlet was petrified of the idea (have me hug a stranger in a costume instead mama!) so we could not convince her to get her hair and makeup done. But boy did these littles look cute!

 And here's a peek at the parade that swept past our doors just as we finished up lunch. S waved and waved, making sure every character was enthusiastically greeted. 
Happy rides and happy hand in hand skipping through the park ... 
Throwback pic of my sister and I, as we have the same one as an 11 and a 8 year old. :)
Finally, that blazing sun began to soften and set ... 
... and we crowded in front of the castle to watch that crazy magic unfold. 
(These photos are a grand mix of iPhone and Canon, though those phones keep up well nowadays, don't they?) 
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