Monday, August 31, 2015

Mama Style {the start of fall

{sweater - T J Maxx, jeans - J Crew, shoes & hat - Target}

Our second week of school is underway and that means fall is approaching, sometimes as a subtle hint of things to come and other times really, truly here. It became dramatically cold at the beginning of last week and the trees got the message loud and clear, suddenly squeezing out pretty colors spotted here and there around town. But then the weather went back up into the summer 80's and the trees were as thoroughly confused as the rest of us. So now they're at a standstill or summoning up as many shades of green as they can muster. While we all love fall around here, no one wants to hit the ground running or anything. Slow and steady please. Slow and steady. First intoxicate us with your aromatic smells and spicy colors, then when we're completely infatuated with your yumminess, you can accost us with your chill. 

Anyway, this was one of those cooler days last week. Today, it's yoga pants and a tank top. Just cause it's a Monday I suppose that's a good enough excuse for me to go all yogi on everyone and wear my "workout" clothes. Even I am not immune to the call of the comfy pant. I just wear them incognito so no one recognizes me, succumbing to that dreaded dreariness. All it takes is a hat and huge sunnies and you're safe, or so it seems. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School Pics 2015

Aaaaannnnnddddd we're back to schoooooool! Can you tell I'm a little bit excited about this! 
Longest summer ever but don't tell any of the moms I said that. ;)
Elliot Henry begins Kindergarten and I'm nervous/excited for this boy. Gah! Really nervous mostly but it'll be good right? Yes, really good. 
Monty Rowan begins 2nd grade and he's a pro so he's got this. 
Parker James begins 5th grade and he's an amazing student so it'll be awesome. Though I'm nervous for the potential of all that occurs in 5th grade ... that enormous potential for an insane amount of homework and studying. The eldest is always the newbie to everything and gets to test out each teacher first, so it's a bit nerve wrecking seeing how it all plays out. But he wants to own his own business one day and we discussed all the details over the summer so his 10 year plan is done. DONE. ;)
It's funny how big all the clothes were this morning. I had to change several outfits cause they weren't big enough to fit into their actual sizes yet (see Monty's cardi above). I guess back to school shopping is not yet checked off my list. Sheesh. 

We have to light up backpacks this year. In fact, I purchased only one for M originally and then a Batman backpack for little E. But as I pulled them out and proudly showcased my incredible talent for selecting appropriate school gear with each personality and preference in mind, I was met with a burst of tears from little E, who was completely unnerved that I had bought a Batman backpack instead of a light up version. The horror. So it was immediately corrected. I am at your beck and call kids, not problem.

They were so eager for this morning that P set his alarm for 6:30 which is the first time he's done this. And so they came to wake me up instead of the other way round. Cute huh? It went fairly smoothly, besides all the outfit switches that had to happen. All in all, a serene start to a big day. 

Tada! 2015/2016 here we come!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Maternity Photo Session {with Anne and Ryan}

Happy Monday! Today I'd love to share Anne and Ryan's portrait session with you, one we managed to capture just about 2 weeks before little Harper arrived. Anne made for the most gorgeous preggie mama ever and she was happy to get her feet dirty in that little creek, so I was in heaven. It was so beautiful. Enjoy!

PS: You're going to melt when you see their newborn pics. :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Green Bay Life - Yoga on the Deck

I recently joined all my fellow yogis for a sunset class at Yoga on the Deck. This was my first time taking a true yoga class, with all the bells and whistles (pre-natal was missing a few things ;). Jen Star Yoga leads these classes and after photographing Jen for our spring fashion issue, I was excited to take one of her classes. I'm so glad I did! It was absolutely perfect, the class itself and the fact that we were able to do it alongside the water under a gorgeous blue sky and eventually setting sun. So relaxing and I was really sore the next day too. Especially my triceps, which surprised me. 

So of course I wanted to snap a few pics in-between the downward dog and hopefully I didn't offend any hardcores with my obvious unfocus or lack of complete serenity. But it was just so cool. So here we go!
Pretty great huh?! Only 2 classes left so give it a try. Here's the schedule.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Family Photos with Carbon Copy Studios {for YOU mag}

Hello friends! Such a fun photo shoot to share with you today, after the long awaited arrival of YOU Magazine's Beauty issue which is out on news stands. We shot these pictures at the end of June at South Bay Marina in Green Bay, alongside my father-in-law's boat, the perfect backdrop for a sizzling summer. It was a beautiful evening and everything came together so wonderfully.

Eric with Carbon Copy Studios shot this story for us and I'm so grateful to have him as a collaborator on so many fashion projects because what he captures is always so unique and beautiful. I have so much love for film photography and the quality it produces and Eric and I are so excited to see film images in print for YOU mag. It's awesome!

By dear friend Victoria Stencil met me at the boat to do hair and makeup for this shoot and gave me those gorgeous curls and pretty metallic bronze-y eyes and coral lips. She always knows what the next big thing is in hair/makeup and I'm always up for trying out her ideas. She's the best! To get an appointment with Victoria contact Snarls Salon in GB.

So here are all the pics from our shoot at the marina. To see outfit details simply click on the online mag below. The story is a little more personal, a normal summer day and all the ups and downs that come with it. But it's essentially about being in the moment and taking it all in, the good and the bad, and loving this daily life as a mother for everything it is, before it's gone. Without doubt it's the most beautiful part of my life and I have to remember that when I lose the big picture and focus in on those ultimately insignificant moments of distress. Focus on the good. Every day.

Read the full issue and article online here!

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