Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Home on Design Mom

So happy to share that our home and especially, Scarlet's bedroom, are over at Design Mom today along with an interview I did with Gabrielle. Would love for you to take a look! Will be sharing a more extensive (updated) home tour in the next couple of weeks. Such an honor to be featured there among the beautiful homes of moms the world over. You must take a look at the home tours. They're soooo cool.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Having Fun With the Fam in Door County

We took the fam to Door County on Saturday, enough of us to pile into 3 cars for the trip. We had 1 particular spot we knew we had to visit and were happy to wander after that had been checked off of our summer to do list. So off we went, at a bright and early (for us!) 9am, all the way to PC Junction in  Baileys Harbor, one of our all time favorite places to hang out for 3 hours at a time. Seriously though, the kids are entertained for absolute ages when we're there. It's a storybook forest turned into a giant playground, with loads of pedal go-carts and trails for riding, a larger than life chess board, bright red doors hanging randomly from trees, and a 900 pound pig. Really.

The tiny restaurant at PC Junction was fantastic too! We squished into a room that was filled primarily with what looked like a bar (made out of those bright doors) and they sent out each families baskets of food on a train that circled around the bar and stopped in front of us to unload our goodies. The kids were enthralled and the food was pretty yummy.
Once we were finally finished with PC Junction we took off for Whitefish Dunes State Park and had a little beach time and swim in Lake Michigan. At least the brave ones!
And after washing off some very sandy boys, enough so that we could hop in the car without half the beach following us in (I just vacuumed the inside last week, no kidding!), we were off to find some ice cream. There's just something about Door County ice cream (and cherries, and french toast, and fish fry, and corn mazes, and pies, and confectionaries …). It's delicious! This particular ice cream shop also had a petting zoo with all kinds of baby animals to feed. Watching our children feed and make insightful remarks about these animals is pretty hilarious. Let's just say we're not used to the stinks and the … well mostly the stinks.

Grandpa Elliot watching the calves. Sat just like that for some time.
And there you have it. A full day, a mini vacay, and all on our doorstep. Who needs Florida! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Style

{dress/necklace - Forever 21, bag - Free People}

Hello friends! Taking a moment to myself this evening to get some work done as the boys are all off swimming with their grandma and cousins. And Scarlet and her daddy are entertaining each other on the couch while we watch Love It or List It in the background. But still, I am a multi-tasking maven and this post will go out! I tell you what though, I'm finding that the opportunities to write blog posts are quickly becoming rare and cherished occasions, not nearly as easy and relaxing as they once were. I have to greedily sneak time to do it nowadays and it's a wonder that I manage to post anything at all. But I love this space as much as I always have and I will not let it go. Will not! I must push forward until time becomes plentiful again and not a rarity (am I kidding myself?). Life is busy when the kids are home for the summer but it is also wonderful. And our summer break is over very soon, the kids heading back to school in just 9 more days. So change is a-comin'!

Anywaaaay … we snapped 2 outfits over the weekend and here they are! As you can see, Scarlet was less than happy to oblige us and eager to head to bed for her beauty sleep. We often do that to her, poor girl, but her dress was just so precious with its Eiffel Tower/hot air balloon print that she had to join. Give me an Eiffel Tower print dress any day!
{me: dress - H&M, shoes - Free People
S: dress - Gymboree, shoes - Saltwater Sandals}

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Chandelier Shoot {4 generations of beautiful ladies}

I want to share a recent shoot that I did with a beautiful group of women, 4 generations of girls, on a really special morning. I had the chance to take pictures with all the girls in my family when my grandmother was visiting from South Africa a few summer's ago and those pictures are some of my dearest. So I wanted to capture as many relaxed and tender moments as I could, in that beautiful forest setting. Meet Jessica, a friend that I absolutely adore, and all the lovely ladies in her family. I brought a chandelier along for these pictures, taking full advantage of an opportunity to use pretty, feminine details and anyway, here are a few of my favorites from that shoot. :)
Much love to you friend and to you wonderful family. xoxo Kirsty
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