Thursday, July 31, 2014

Portraits with Eric and Grace

Hello friends! I wanted to share a recent photo session with you today. Meet Eric and his precious little lady Grace. We met late in the afternoon, right there on the side of the road amongst the wildflowers. Green Bay has the prettiest wildflower season in July; they scatter and grow alongside the highways and are just so lovely. 

Eric is a photographer (Carbon Copy Studios) as well and after photographing my family, which I'll share quite soon, he asked me to snap the two of them. Enjoy!
Thanks for collab Eric! We had a blast. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nashville - Part 1

Thought I'd share a few pics from our first day in Nashville, both from our camera and taken with the iPhone. We stayed at the Embassy Suites (great hotel and even better for the fact that they have a door that closes off the bedroom from the "TV room") and squeezed in my sister Cara and little cousin Aletta for the second night. That was pretty hilarious, as it caused us three adults to be stuck on the floor in the darkness for the length of time it took the littles to fall asleep, and then Phil and I literally crawled out of the hotel room to go downstairs for dinner. Lots of awkward moments during that early evening but it was worth waking up with Cara and Aletta there to hang for the entire day.
And with the iPhone. 
And below are a few pictures taken on 12th Avenue, a really cool spot in Nash with lots of fun boutiques and coffee shops. I had to take these right from Instagram so please excuse the tags in the corner. :)
Trying out the accessories at Hero.
 Coffee at Frothy Monkey
 Imogene and Willie
Ahhh! -  Savant Vintage

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fashion Restyle - Transforming Your Look From Day to Night {for YOU magazine}

Hello friends! We're back home from our trip to Tennessee and feeling rejuvenated and happy after a beautiful week away. There are oodles of photos to share and I will soon. But first, I have a fashion shoot to share with you today, one that I shot with Andrea Naylor, a friend and fellow photographer based in Green Bay and Door County. We were looking for some ways to collaborate together and so I asked her to be my photographer for this issue. Boy, I had such a blast working with her and I have to say she really dug out my inner model, that same one that I call for weekly but most often remains shrouded and shy. Also want to credit Travis at Salon 54 on Broadway for the perfect blow out.  

For this shoot I focused on a few summer trends, taking them from the workplace to an evening out with a simple restyle. This month was our Women to Know issue which featured 20 fantastic local ladies who are doing amazing things in our community. See the end of the article for a link to read the entire mag online! 

The Sheer Dress - Trying the trend for work
{dresses - Free People, vest - Forever 21, shoes - Gap}

… and out for a date night
{clutch - Anthropologie, gladiator sandals - Charlotte Russe}
 This looks includes both the slip layer and the sheer beaded layer for an evening restyle.

 The Crop Top - Trying the trend for work
{blazer - H&M, crop top - Zara, skirt - South African flea market, shoes - Target}

… and out for evening at the farmer's market
{bangles & basket - SA flea market, shoes - Aldo}
I'll take off the blazer and wedges for a more relaxed evening strolling around our Wednesday night farmer's market.

White Jeans - Taking the trend to work

{blazer - Charlotte Russe, top - Aerie, necklace - Madewell, jeans - Gap}

… and out to a casual dinner with friends 
{chambray - Anthropologie, heels - Target, bag - Cambridge Satchel Company}

You can read the full article here

Thank you Andrea and Travis. Can't wait to work together again. :)
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