Friday, February 27, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {Pom Poms and Pleats}

Just a sweet little pom pom tutu and a pretty pleated dress to share today. We're thinking spring with all our might over here, wearing the happiest shades of pink and red that we can find. There's no more winter at my house, friends, no more! (cept those nasty coats that we can't afford to chuck in the trash quite yet though I really, really want to). I feel with the force of the … spring … princess QUEEN, with the same intensity and ferocity as icy queen Elsa except with … flowers and … sunshine shooting out of my hands and into the air, filling the world with warmth and color that would knock your socks off. Yes! I AM SPRING QUEEN! Bewaaaaare winterrrrr!
 {mini: shirt - Zara Kids, tutu - Rock Your Baby, tights - Old Navy}
{mama: dress & blouse - Forever 21, belt - thrifted, necklace - Free People,  booties - Anthropologie}

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {good things}

Two very good things - white lace dresses and denim bloomers. 

Let's also add:
leather jacket
belly button
scalloped embroidery
naughty toddler whose favorite word is currently "no"
red lipstick
meaningful conversations about nothing
bows in and on everything
big cheesy grins
pink suede purses 

And that's just today. :)
{me: jacket - Kohls, dress - Besselli, boots - Sam Edelman, purse - Urban Outfitters
S: shirt, bloomers & shoes - Gap Kids}

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Always a Bridesmaid for YOU Magazine

I've just sat down to watch a bit of the Oscars and thought, with all this glitz and grandeur on TV, that this would be the perfect time to share the pictures we shot for YOU mag's wedding issue. Erin Hanson was my crazy good photographer for this shoot and I loved the opportunity to collaborate with an artist who has a magic touch when it comes to capturing the romance and the stunning details of a girl on her wedding day. Thank you so much Erin for being a part of this feature!

I focused on restyling 3 different bridesmaids "dresses", both one piece and two piece. This was a really good challenge for me cause it forced me to style colors and silhouettes that I would not normally naturally reach for. It's always good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and in this case, I ended up loving the results. 

I also want to say a huge thanks to Victoria at Salon 54 for doing hair and makeup for this. I wish you could really see what this makeup looked like in person … it was soooooo gorgeous. I requested some sort of gold splashed on my face and sent her a few inspiration pics. In the end we decided on this beautiful gold glitter and she spread it out around the outside of my eyes and up to the brow bone. It was so cool. You'll get a little idea of it after seeing the close ups. :) And I brought along a vintage necklace which she pinned to the back of my head. So pretty. You'll see … 

And thank you to my dear friend Heather, who assisted me during this shoot and froze happily (?) alongside us. 

Outfit 1: dress - J. Crew / blouse - Kohls / heels - Target

Outfit 2: skirt - custom by Sue Lindgren in Green Bay /  top - Kohls / booties - Anthropologie / necklace - Azure

 Outfit 3: top (part of set) - Bridal Warehouse / jacket - New York and Company / jeans - J. Crew / boots - Target

Read the wedding issue and full article here!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mama and Mini Style {ponchos & crowns}

Well, we're home! It's been ages (for me at least ;) since I've posted content here and I apologize for this long quiet pause.  I'm back in town after a fabulous time spent away with my husband for our anniversary, and I thought we could get started with a couple of cute outfits shot last week. I have so much to share all of a sudden, two weeks worth of pictures that are all ready to bust a move, so I must get on top of it. 

As I mentioned, we were in Vegas for 4 days, enjoying the warmth and the incredible food and Cirque Du Soleil's "O" which has to be the best show I've ever seen (runs really close to Phantom of the Opera which we saw in a magnificent theater in London but still, it probably beats that too - it's insanely, blow your mind good). Everything about our time was surreal and over the top and glittery and wow. But perhaps I'll share my pictures another time and see if I can narrow down my favorite hotels and restaurants. 

Next week Scarlet and I are heading to Nashville with her daddy for a quick work trip. So a little more traveling fun to come before we settle down for the long haul that is March - May. I'm currently working hard on the concept behind a BIG fashion shoot for YOU mag's spring fashion issue. This idea is near and dear to my heart as I'm going with a ballet themed piece and hope to have 9 ladies modeling for this one, all real women with real bodies in different stages of life (even a pregnant belly!), and most importantly, all with ballet backgrounds. So I have big plans for this! Lots of prep though. 

And in March, I begin choreography for my studio's spring dance recital. This is always a giddy time for the dancers as they just can't wait to get started on dances. I really try to work on their technique for as long as I possibly can before I get into dances, because a dance is nothing without the technical training to ultimately make it more beautiful. So they're eager to begin (as am I)!

But let's end this little catch up with a few more photos of Scarlet and I keeping cozy on a cold winter's day. Thank you God for sunshine and warm clothes and green plants and coffee. :)

{me: poncho - Aerie, jeans - J. Crew, sneaks - H&M
her: sweatshirt - Zara, leggings - Gymboree, crown - H&M}

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Three of Us

We managed some outfit photos over the weekend that included our little E! Bribes were involved. :)
{me: necklace - Free People, sweater & skirt - Forever 21, boots - DSW
Elliot: shirt - Target, jeans - similar H&M
Scarlet: dress - Target, boots & jacket - Zara}
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