Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The adult onesie

We had the gaucho (a huge fave of my brother-in-law, by the way :) and then leggings, which finally won me over but had me very weary for a while. There were skinny jeans, which I still think look good on just a tiny amount of people with teensy legs (though I gave them a try and felt short and wierd everytime I caught a glimpse). Now we have the romper, also fondly known as a jumper or playsuit (funny!) and strangely and without hesitation, I love them! They're completely divine and best of all, no one wears them, at least not here. (I definitely prefer to wear what others are not.) It's a rough time to be pregnant as it is not the easiest thing for a belly to tuck into, yet I did find one at Express that was perfect. It has a larger middle section and apparently tends to stretch as you wear it, so... yay! Here are some other faves... maybe next year? I'm fairly brave with my wardrobe, but am not brave enough to wear flowers in my hair everyday, something I would do if I would; but I won't. Wonky!

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