Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some of the sweetest outfits ever!

J Crew has managed to steal my heart this fall, with beautiful clothes and combinations (that jacket with those jewels with that belt and those pants!) that make me smile and wish I was so lucky. The 2 pictured above are a couple of favorites (their October catalog is insane!) and the velvet blazer right above is one little number that I have admired since last year and which has made a lovely reappearance this season (and now it's even on SA-YIL! but don't ask how much). Go to their site to see these images in their full glory.

The shoes and boots I found at Aldo. They have an unbelievably awesome selection right now. What's the deal with everyone? Are things really that much better than they usually are, or am I just coming out of a frumpy slump of a wardrobe and see all new clothing and accessories as if they were a mirage in my desert? Regardless, the exciting news is that it seems that they've come up with a brilliant solution to my new found fear of heights. By adding a platform to the bottom front of the shoe, the heel itself is a mere 2.5 inches, which is nothing. Even though I'll still be soaring above the ground, I might be able to trick the mind and teeter calmly and painlessly.

Ah...just love.

Mmmm...can't-get-enough-boots. Need-nude-suede-on-my-feet.

All the jewelry can be found at Banana Republic. Very sweet, antique inspired pieces that would be lovely with your new cozy T shirt plus warm sexy cardi.

I think the color and folds of this little dress are just so, so gorgeous (Banana Republic). Christmas dress anyone? Is it really too early to think about this very important outfit? Never! The girls in my family are quite fond of making Christmas dress considerations well into September, while my mom can often find herself in the throw of a holiday purchase as early as May. ;) We have been trained by the best.

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