Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Beautiful Kid's Room

I found this really brilliant kid's bedroom at Design Sponge and it is now on my inspiration board for my next child's room/nursery. The home pictured belongs to Emily Henson, an interior stylist who worked as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie and who created those sweet birdhouses for a window in one of the stores. They were cut out of cardboard, then painted and glued with fabric. I can do this! It reminds me of my childhood favorite and downright best-to-this-day kid's book, "The Magic Faraway Tree" by Enid Blyton. I think my love of fantasy began within those pages, and the worlds found at the top of that tree are still crystal clear in my mind. I sent Emily an email, requesting a personal interview... just kidding all! But I did ask if I could use her photographs and gushed to her about how I loved her design. She responded to that saying, "Who knew I'd inspire so many?! It definitely feels good to do what I love in exactly the way I like and for people to appreciate it." And it is much appreciated here!

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