Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely day to all

A bit of pretty

Hope everyone is having a peaceful yet fun and still a little bit sweet sort of week. With luck, it's as loving as the last was. :) ... I've been reminded lately (as I deal with a particularly difficult buckle down time) that I am not as alone in my mom troubles as I imagine I am. That I am in my worst mothering moment, seeing another mom in her best mothering moment. That I'm doing okay, despite how it all sometimes seems. Most importantly, that each little child, with all their intricacies and strong wills, happy highs and grumpy lows, makes my life more rich and adds texture to my family portrait. I don't have to have all my little ducks in a row...they can scatter from time to time. And I've moved past the conversations about what kind of butt creams I use on my baby. That's pretty cool. Thanks for your input Amy!

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