Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clothes That Last Forever

Today Elliot and I were reminiscing about the day when he was but a twinkle in his mommy and daddy's eyes. Those 10 years ago, I lived here in Green Bay and I loved to shop consignment (I had more time to do so and I certainly took advantage of it!). I was constantly on the lookout for a new place, paging through the Yellow Pages soon after I arrived in this new city, attempting to locate unique used or vintage clothing. I found a really tiny and completely perfect place where I purchased 3 pieces of clothing that I still love and wear to this day. I think they were some of my very best finds ever and I definitely do not think that clueless little lady knew what she was selling to me. :) Every item was a huge bargain! Unfortunately, when I moved back here 7 years later, it was no longer there.

My gorgeously rich "Marilyn Monroe" fur coat. Have to admit I've not worn it much, as I'm not living in a city where a fancy fur look will ever be appropriate nor do I attend events that make it a perfect accessory. And it takes a lot of guts to wear this to church! I've worn it for a couple of photo shoots that I friend did and it looked amazing.

A Diane Von Furstenburg zebra print wrap dress, my really sweet find! DVF made a name for herself in the 70's with her jersey wrap dress and she still makes them today (along with a stunning runway collection which I'll feature soon). Though it is very old, it has lasted well through the decades and I adore this feisty number still.

Another DVF wrap dress similar to my own, sold at shopbop for $365. Wow! I don't own many designer pieces, nor do I have the desire to spend that amount of money on them, but I am completely thrilled when I find one in the middle of nowhere at a great price. I also found a Gucci bag at an antique mall in Stevens Point, WI. An elegantly old and well worn purse that decorated a lady's arm once upon a time.

My candy purple dress. A lovely fit and gorgeous print that makes me feel beautiful just because... Anything that does that should be worn daily and I manage to wear it pregnant or not, as the empire line always moves to the perfect spot. It's missing the belt that originally came with the dress, but I like to add my own anyway. I'll try to model them all this weekend and post the pics next week. A little more fun, I think.

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