Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting ready for Easter!

Easter is kind of a big deal for us at the Gungor house. Along with a celebration centered around the foundation of what we believe, we get to have crazy fun all weekend long...hunting for eggs, dressing up, baking goodies, dyeing eggs and getting gifts. As you might imagine, the kids (okay, I'll count myself in this too) are beside themselves with excitement and have been counting down the sleeps.

Here's a tiny preview to get the weekend started.

Monty has been wearing his Sunday outfit at home this week. I suppose it's cause he feels pretty pimping in it!

My mom's Easter table looking lovely!


The time honored question, "But what should I wear?"
The Easter dress has always, from day 1 to year 32, been a very important and decorated part of the Sunday festivities (well, for every women in my family really). The final decision has been made and the pics will follow soon, but in the mean time let's have some fun!

Hmm...cute, but maybe a bit much?

Love, but perhaps too Suessical.

Much better. Perfect Easter dresses from topshop.

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  1. Monty looks like he stepped out of the movie Oliver, so adorable! You snuck in to my house? (of course that's ok). The lacey dress should be saved forever and one day we'll tackle it together and voila, your next Easter dress! I love the cream one with the water color flowers. MMMMM......what will you wear?


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