Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Liberty

It seems, dear world, that the object of our wonderful obsession is moving on, to the sale rack to be specific, and then completely out of our lives. (I realize that not all are as impressed as some, but then again, there always has to be that dreary person that says, "No, I really didn't enjoy (Alice in Wonderland). I just expected more." Impossible!)

Don't quote me on this, as it's not straight from the Target empire's mouth, but the darling giant suspended flowers are coming down and items are being relocated, which must mean it's nearing an end. Thank you Target and Liberty of London collaboration geniuses, for making my house and this world, really, a much brighter place. I will miss you, because though I have a few of your lovelies in my home, I do not have as many as I drooled over and for this reason, I am also quite melancholy. Here are some Liberty of London-esque images for you to enjoy.

A couple of items that made their way to my home. Not sure how it happened... Monty must have thrown them in. Thank you Monty!

{Images via beautiful lanaloustyle and Glamour France April 2010 - Fashionising}

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