Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Vintage Wedding Bouquet

Aren't these bouquets divine? They are made out of antique flower brooches and are too lovely to be true. Makes me want to get married again, and still to you my love (in case that worried you :). And then I heard that "A" will launch their wedding line next year which makes a renewal of vows that much more exciting. Though if I did that, it would only be appropriate at our 25 year anniversary, I'd imagine (at 10 currently). Hope "A" is still holding strong in 15 years!

It would be so much more fun to plan a mini wedding now than it was to plan a "all out" one back then. I think it's because I know what I really love and I wouldn't flail about as much. But the best reason for all of this prearranged enchantment would be to celebrate being with my man for all these years. I never imagined love would be this good.

A few photographs taken in my sister's front yard.
Thank you spring for delighting us today.

Brooch bouquet images - Alice Hu via and flowers - me.

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