Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boating Dayz

Today was beautiful! I love long holiday weekends because they mean there will be water, heat, ice cream, family, food, and perhaps a movie. The morning started off a little shakily with Elliot's, shall we say, "first" fall. Off the bed and onto the floor. I'll not say whose fault it was, but I will say this... it was not mine. He survived nicely and so on we went to the boat for a lovely chicken licken lunch (oh wait, I stopped to buy an adorable day bed first!). And then to the pool where we splashed and sun tanned for, gosh, almost 3 hours! On a day of firsts, Elliot also had his first swim in a pool and of course, completely loved it. It was all totally fab. And then, on the drive for cherry limeades we came across this wildly brilliant van, if that's even possible (see below). So to end tonight, with all the chickies plucked and tucked, I have just finished ironing a dress for church tomorrow. Now you may (or may not... probably) remember that I don't iron, simply because I'm not a good person, but I did this time. And the Gap care label elves said that a warm iron was okay, yet it was not okay. Once again, the ironed item looks completely the same after as it did before the ironing began. I say a piping HOT iron was necessary, but at the risk of a hole or a burn, I will follow the suggestions and simply wear it wrinkled. I don't care. (And you ask me why I'm not a good person... there.)

On the boat

Mmmm..... apple juice looks yummy.

Coolest dudez ever!

Here we have it! Gold glittered van, sparkling like the sun. Driven by a man in a tie dye shirt, obviously. Knocked our socks off and made me wish for a pink glittered Cadillac version of my own. Magnificent.
(You know I'm kinda kidding here, right?)

Added later: I don't mean to imply that E has had more than 1 fall. Rather than it might be the "first" of many. It was horrible!

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