Friday, May 14, 2010

Celebrating the Weekend

{Elliot and I in the garden...a bit windy today}

Another weekend awaits us and it will be busy but also relaxing, I'm sure. This week has been a little nuts actually, but what week isn't nutty anymore?

Little E worked on his tummy troubles for 4 days for the first time ever (he's a once a day-er), giving us unbelievably smelly fluffs all week long that had everyone leaving the room (from a 7 month old!). And he also perfected his sitting skills and learned how to wave good bye, which was very impressive.

Parker came home with a sheet of his hand writing work from school that was so good, I was sure he had had someone do it for him. But then I realized that this would not likely happen for several more years and that he had indeed, carefully crafted these words on his own.

Monty worked extra hard on his drumming this week and I think can now be successfully moved to the "medium" level on Rock Band (he's seriously that good :). We're actually planning on having him take drum lessons this summer with a friend of Phil's who says he's up for the challenge. I think Monty will LOVE it! So that's our week in a nutshell.

I wanted to share some more beautiful and inspiring pictures with you.

{Tiwi Beach in Mombasa, Kenya.}

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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