Friday, May 28, 2010

Granny Chic

I have a thing for all things old and handmade and a special love of the knit and crocheted kind of retro items... quilts, blankets, doilies, and linens. I've noticed, in my blog reads, that most decor and style enthusiasts tend to lean in a specific direction, admiring either the modern or "Swedish" decor style (Ikea being an example) or the vintage inspired home. And they are usually die hards. The handmade, vintage-y lady often takes a handmade pledge and stays far, far away from anything new or edgy. And I've noticed how the modern lady makes fun of those of us that might make, say, doily cushion covers. And then there's me, who I think is somewhere in the middle.

So here we have "Granny Chic", a term coined by DottieAngel and boy, does she do it well. She also has an etsy store (which at this very moment in time, is empty, as she seems to sell fast) which is filled to the brim with the cutest handmade, touch-of-vintage items (also featured at her blog Here are just a few pictures of her home which is charming and full of fun old things.

And then there's what I'll call "cheer chic". Poms have made a colorful come back and I love the way they look suspended from ceilings for parties or just for a fun touch in a kid's room. Also at etsy, you can find both pomqueen and sweetpoms, who sell tissue poms in bright or soft colors and varied sizes. (I never got to be the cheerleader but rather watched critically from the side lines. And though cheerleaders are completely uncool up here, I went to high school in Tulsa, a city that fell under the cheer spell. Anyway, this is my opportunity to live out any cheer fantasies :).

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