Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Love List!

Our new love list comes from Lisa, a dear and wonderful friend.

1. I love the feeling of déjà vu moments. The feeling I get deep
down in my soul is unique and usually quite heart warming.

2. I love when a friendship goes to the next level by hearing each
other’s “stories.” Learning about what makes them who they are today
is like putting together a puzzle and loving the complete picture.

3. I love walking around my yard each day…especially in the spring…to
see the new flowers that are blooming.

4. I love the sound of car tires driving slowly on gravel. It brings
me back immediately to the many weekends my family would go camping.
As a child, the sound of the tires on gravel meant that we had finally
made it to the campsite!

5. I love listening to native speakers speak their language.
Portuguese is one of my favorites to listen to. (And I especially
love when I attempt speaking Spanish and am understood by the native!)

6. I love when Todd tries to make me laugh. He usually does
something completely ridiculous which makes it all the more worthwhile
for me. I LOVE the deep down joy my entire family gives me.

7. I love the feeling I have after yoga. It feels exactly how I feel
after leaving an hour-long full body massage…yet I get a good workout
at the same time. I love how this logically doesn’t seem possible.

8. I love the pitter-patter of raindrops on windows. I love when
it’s so windy that the trees are noisy. And I love the sound of a
canoe paddle gently hitting the water.

9. I love those moments when God breathes peace on my soul. I love
how creative He is in delivering those breaths.

10. I love, as Lynn also loves, the smell of wood chips. My dad is
an extremely talented wood carver. I remember spending a lot of time
with him in his shop as he carved out of wood and I worked on my own
little carvings out of Ivory soap. (I also loved sweeping up his wood
chips. I loved feeling like I was his helper.)

11. I love being able to check things off a list! Sometimes I make
lists just so that I can check things off. (That’s embarrassing to
say out loud.)

12. I love finding treasures at antique malls, flea markets, rummage
sales. Each treasure has it’s own little story.

13. I love family traditions. Ones from my childhood…like Sunday
afternoon bike rides to Dairy Queen, or driving around looking at
Christmas lights in our pj’s and sipping hot cocoa. I love bringing
these old traditions to my "new" family. And I love creating new
ones, too.

14. I love how a song on the radio can bring you instantly back to a
place, a person, an outfit, a smell.

Thank you for sharing your loves with us, Lisa. They were soul stirring. I wish I could say that yoga made me feel that way! And music does the same to me... I think I have a song for just about every year of my life that will bring back a crazy or wonderful memory. I still love to drive alone in my car just so that I can blast the radio and sing from every square inch of my lungs!

Please take a moment to share your love list or perhaps even a wish list of extravagant things with us! We'd love to learn a little about you.

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  1. I seriously just got all teary eyed and chilled reading this Lis! I love every love point you made and could repeat every one as mine!
    your sis, Molly


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