Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Little Peeps

Just wanted a show off a few cute pictures that I took of the boys over the past couple of days. Mr. B did a fancy session with Elliot yesterday that I'll share soon. These 7 months have gone way too fast!

We spent much of today outside; pool filled, sprinklers on, and swimmies donned. Even lit the tiki torches to keep the bugs away which, surprisingly, works wonders (love the fact that they can provide both ambience and bug extermination all at the same time).

Summer project:
Spiff up the tree house - so that the boys never want to play anywhere else, as I now find myself home for naps for a good 6 hours of my day, making it exceedingly difficult to entertain these restless little men. So I too, (Daena), will have to make my back yard a wonderful getaway of extraordinary pleasures for my kids as they will be spending much of their summer break in it. Hmph!

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