Thursday, May 6, 2010

On My Birthday...

I had a really lovely day yesterday, taking some time to dine and shop in De Pere. The family met for breakfast to start things off, and I received some beautiful gifts which I'll have to share with you soon! Then Monty and Elliott joined me for a stroll through Alpha Delights, Puddleduck, and Hey Daisy!

My blessed iPhone captured all the pictures this afternoon. Let's start with my birthday outfit, not to be confused with the birthday suit! New $24 jeans from Gap which I've eyed since they were $69, I believe. Favorite Gap blouse which I wear at least once a week. I love it and it's the only way that I feel comfortable wearing statement necklaces. This is actually the first time I've ever worn this Anthro bib (by the way, I bought it at the Woodfield store and it was on sale for $10! You can find some amazing sale items; don't be too scared by their awesomeness.)

Let's begin with a few of the gorgeous homes I passed on the way into De Pere. They're the kind that make me drool a bit and I long to peer inside. Maybe a house keeper disguise is in order... I'm sure they all have one.

(My phone takes pretty decent "hanging out the window at 35 miles per hour" shots. Don't you think?)

Here we have Alpha Delights, a scrumptious place with an impressive display of mouth watering goodness. Just take a look at these cases!

Parker was only interested in whether I would have a birthday cake today or not. (I have since realized that I very much wish birthday cakes were a MUST regardless of age or career. I missed the cake). So the main reason for my galavant was to procure of slice of something that would pass off as my birthday cake, and Parker and I would share it when he came home from school (with birthday art in hand, I was sure {and I was right!}). So the lengthy explanation to say that I settled on the fruit tart (top right) cause I was in a fruity mood (in more ways than one). Now I wish that I had instead taken home the always delicious chocolate croissant, one of my sure fire favorites (since Bridget Jones' Diary I have loved, loved, loved these). The reason for my disappointment was the fact that the just under $3 slice was too tiny and it made me sad enough that the dessert did not taste as good as I'd anticipated, just for lack of substantial size. Don't you hate it when that happens?

And then we squeezed our little stroller and 3 busy bodies into Hey Daisy! I have lots of pics from this boutique because Hey Daisy! was having a very good day.

I've been on the lookout for a new "birthday" bag. I've wanted a lighter brown something-or-other, preferably with fringe (have a nice option at piplerlime) but then I spotted this cute little number for somewhere in the $40's which is a much better price than I had settled on having to spend for what I wanted. So I'll say a little prayer it stays put and perhaps make a mad dash back after my hair cut (tomorrow everyone! bangs included!) to cash in some birthday money.

I loved the navy and white stripes paired with the emerald green of this comfy dress. You know, an emerald just happens to be the precious gem for May. No wonder I have a thing for green!

You can't really see the picture on the front but it's really pretty, and the store has the same print on a hand bag as well as a stretched canvas print. This also happens to be a sketch book, which is kinda cool.

Now I would have no problem at all with taking on any handy man responsibilities around the house, as long as I have this peppy set of tools. In fact, I might even relish the opportunities. "Oh yes! A picture to be hung." "Yes please my love, bring that toy to me and let me replace the battery for the hundredth time this week." Not a head ache anymore.

This dress reminded me of what a modern day fairy might wear to a wedding perhaps. She'd discreetly tuck her wings in just to ensure she not draw any attention away from the bride.

And then we popped by Puddleduck. Now at this point I was all but running through the store, but I took a moment to enjoy these little babies tucked into their pods. My niece will be in the market for a brand new baby doll in a few days and I thought this little boy might fit the bill (she has announced that a boy is what she will have, thank you).

Cute little hats for when things cool down again (I can't believe I even let my thoughts go there!). Reminds me of etsy delights.

A sweet vintage-y top on sale for only $22.

And then I rushed home with my grumpy bunch and put the whole lot down for naps.

The End.

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  1. Kirsty,
    It has been such a pleasure to peruse your blog. I have some time on my hands today to lollygag. It's a lot of fun not only to see your photos, but to read your commentary. It all goes so well together and brings back memories of your unique ways of phrasing things!! Well, I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed myself here, looking at your "lovelies." Must move along and read some more!! Keep writing and keep shopping!


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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