Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our First Love List!

This love list comes from Lynn, my mom. Thanks for being the first to share with us!

The things I love to be reminded of are -

1. The smell of honeysuckle in the spring.
2. The array of colors in a South African sunset.
3. The smell of my mom's Youth Dew wafting through the air.
4. The drone of a fan summoning my grand children to sleep.
5. The rush of excitement when someone I love opens a gift.
6. The smell of wood shavings from the multiple, functional pieces of furniture my dad has made for me.
7. The quietness of a night after a hectic day.
8. The tingling of my skin after a day in the sun.
9. The soft, firm feel of salty, wet sea sand.
10. The sound of that still voice deep within that comforts, consoles, and loves.

Keep them coming everyone. We'd LOVE to hear what you LOVE!

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