Monday, May 24, 2010

A Wish List!

Today we have our first wish list and it comes from my amazing sister, Daena. I'm so excited to share it with you. Here we go!

These are all the items on my wish list, in no particular order...

1. Pretty pedicures

2. A bimonthly housekeeper.

3. A "Baby Moon" getaway, but not to the ocean. I am unusual in the fact that I don't like the beach. A cruise makes me nervous about the possibility of sea sickness and a spa weekend might be too boring. I need something active and social but relaxing with lots of 'inclusive' eating. Although, my ultimate getaway destination would be Greece.

4. A margarita (accompanied by some great fajitas). I probably crave this so much just because I can't have one.

5. For my backyard to be a secret garden of escape (maybe even the Secret Garden in Notting Hill), but complete with a kids retreat too because I'm sure it will be impossible to escape without them:).

6. The perfect smelling perfume - not too fruity or too musky.

7. Silhouette showcases of my kids, whether that comes in the form of a matted picture beautifully framed or a sweet pendant around my neck.

8. The Zac Posen dress from I just need an occasion to wear it to. Oh, and the flat tummy to fit into such a statement piece.

9. To constantly have the time for a good, ficticious book on hand. I would reread the Twilight Saga over and over again, but something new and just as good to throw into the mix would be nice.

10. To be superwoman. I wish, hope, and pray to be the best wife any man (specifically Bob) could ever dream of, to be the mom that each of my kids needs me to be, to be an appreciative daughter to the best parents 3 girls could ask for, to be a loving sister stuck in the middle of my 2 favorite people (the best place to be), and to finally be a good friend who knows how to laugh, cry, dream, and pray with those who add life and spice to my world.

The End...

Thank you Daena for sharing these with us! I'd like to join you in Greece and also on your secret garden bed with a book. And, my love, you are already all those things you wished for in number 10. xoxo.

Please send me your own wish lists readers! We'd love to see what they are.

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  1. I echo Kirsty's sentiments! We are the parents of the most amazing daughters any parents could ever have. We are richly blessed.


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