Friday, June 4, 2010

A Nursery Makeover!

I spent a little time in the nursery this week, playing with the day bed that I originally spied at the front corner of a nearby home with a "For Sale" sign. I waited 2 weeks, deciding on my next move and when the huz approved, I all but ran to that stranger's house! It's just so perfect ... white wrought iron with that vintage feel (though it's newer) and with sweet little details. I've always thought the day beds in the Pottery Barn catalogs were so fantastic and whenever I see one in someone's home I usually think, "Ooh, so cool!". So I was really excited about this sweet deal. I wasn't sure if I had anything at home to "dress" the bed, but knew only that I would put it in Elliot's room across from his crib and that it would be a guest bed of sorts. Eventually it could be his bed and perhaps we'd even get a trundle for underneath and have a 4th place to sleep. I ended up using the thrift store quilt (posted here) that had not yet found a place to lay and I found some great polka dotted sheets for $18 at Target, which mimic the polka dots on the crib sheets but instead in blues and greens. I also found a bed skirt for $10 and with those 2 purchases, managed to set up a really cosy and cute seating area/place to lay your head. The boys have begged to nap there almost every day! For the walls, I added some handmade framed fabrics and quilts (bought at church) as well as the little fabric birds leftover from the crib bumper, a beaded textile bought at a flea market in Thailand, and finally, Elliot's "E" from Anthropologie. The hanging stars and elephants were there already but I tried adding a few lanterns to the ceiling, just to see what it would look like (inspired by this). So there we have it! I'm so thrilled with the outcome and wanted to share a few pictures. Now you have a place to sleep if you'd like to visit. :)

The crib side of the room changed a bit too.

Elliot's spiffy new Gap sneakers

{Stars - Hobby Lobby. Elephant mobile - World Market. Both stores have great items for decorating a kid's room!)

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  1. Love what you did! Did you frame the fabrics on your own or buy them that way? Great idea. Might copy that one. :)


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