Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Over the Weekend...

I thought I'd share our weekend in photos. Just a few here and there moments. Elliot now prefers to stand all the time! Once again, our family will not be spectators of the crawling phenomenon and instead my baby will skip it and attempt the "help me!" walk. I wonder what it is about me and my mad parenting skills that enables my kids to skip this milestone ... But it is what it is and I'm not concerned, as I've discovered that despite this omission I have both an athletic type and an intellectual type. They don't seem to be lacking in any way. It's just funny to me. So little E is figuring out how to pull up and cruise. Slowly but very surely. Hoisting that rotund belly and those large wobbly thighs up, up and over. And he's the most determined of the 3 to make a gallant effort at the crawling position, in the hopes that I'll snap a nice picture for his memoirs.

My Sunday outfit. A white T with a lovely draped tulip skirt and a necklace from the downtown antique mall. I went for comfy.

A more detailed look.

The huz's new Toms. Just doing our part folks (insert - smiley face).

Devouring his water with a monster face.

Lots of sweet cuddles.

IPhones are insane, aren't they!?

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