Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the Circus!

I found most of the circus themed items at Hobby Lobby and their collection was pretty impressive (if you're ever on the lookout for brilliant carnival or circus items, you have to take a look!). Instead of party hats, we had clown noses! The party favors were giant blow up guitars and equally humongous microphones, and on the wall was a monster (and by that I mean HUGE) back drop of a stage with lights and speakers, for all the rock stars! (all from Oriental Trading Co - grandma). The marshmallow train cake came from T J Maxx, amazingly enough. My mom made the cupcake clowns; sweet treats that she once made for one of our own birthday parties as children (though I can't remember which one of the 3 sisters had them, only the pictures of the cakes!). Oh, and the little lanterns were from Target.

That's about it. Parties are pretty cool, aren't they?

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  1. OH My Goodness!! This birthday so inspires me...especially since you know I love birthday parties. Wish we could have been there...looks like we really missed a most adorable and fun celebration!!


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