Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Bit of This and That

I just sat down with a delicious homemade cherry crumble (with those yummy Door County cherries) which my mother-in-law brought by yesterday ... mmm. All the boys are asleep and I'm having an indulgent moment of tea, dessert and the final episode of The Hills, a real shocker at the end - if you can imagine that. And I have a string of photos from our lazy afternoon at home. You may be having a bit of an Elliot withdrawal, so I've been sure to give you a good dose of little E.

Mirrors are just the best, aren't they? This morning little E had his first encounter with tummy sleep. I found him that way when he woke ... cheek wildly red and slightly disoriented. So cute. Don't tell anyone, but I kinda love it when my little one sleeps on their tummy. You know what I mean? Bum in the air and hands folded underneath. Parker did this from the start and Monty made the switch at about 1, as soon as we stopped swaddling him (yes, till 1! Long, itchy story ...). So we'll see what Elliot now decides he would like to do.

I was attempting to show you the sweet little ladybug brooch hidden in the flower on this purse. It came from my grandfather who loves to shop for his grand daughters. He's also very good at it! You can tell he's taken his wife to the jewelry shop a few times in his life. Garthie - you need to take Phil out for a lunch and explain to him the sure fire, beats anything, fixes everything, way to a women's heart.

Wonderful embroidered umbrella from World Market.

Delicately flowered and very vintage-y sheets from this week's Goodwill stop.

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