Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Darling Drizzly Day

At the start of our Saturday, the big, fluffy and very wet clouds were positively bumping about in the sky, threatening that oh so familiar rainfall, depending on it's fickle mood. But yesterday was also a really perfect day and our drizzle arrived in the form of a wonderful baby party! We celebrated my sister's new little one (still in utero) and enjoyed the girly things that we love so much. Great food, fancy shopping and lots of good chats with friends. You see, we fully believe that each baby deserves a party and a few brand new things, so we've come up with a cute way to name these baby parties as we realize that some think it's frivolous to have baby shower after baby shower. For baby #1 you obviously have a lovely little (or likely, a big) baby shower, so when it's baby #2's time, we call it a baby sprinkle (this thought up by some Tulsa friends). So we decided that baby #3 would be celebrated with a delightful drizzle, a perfect time to receive some small but really special items.

Our morning started with vanilla lattes and yummy pastries, a few boutique sales, and then a delicious breakfast at Monzu Bistro, where we met up with some friends for Daena's drizzle. After dining and presents, we popped across the road to the downtown antique mall, a truly magnificent place! I'll let the pictures tell the tale.

The party girl and my super duper sister Daena.

All the girls, with Daena and myself on either end and my mom in the middle.

Polka dot take out boxes filled with (previously blogged about) red velvet cupcakes.

The presents, a moby wrap, "hooter hider" and banner and birds wall decal for baby's room (baby's gender is unknown).

Cute fabric flower found at our downtown farmer's market!

Opening the fab gifts.

A look at the wonderful mini cakes at Monzu. Flavors include cherry lemonade and java explosion!

A few more with delectable flavors such as mojito and double chocolate caramel truffle! Wow.

Some of us ordered these yummy beignets (deep fried dough with powdered sugar - the fancy French doughnut).

It was a really great place to relax with the girls over delicious dishes with a fancy French twist.

And then we went over to the antique mall which was chock full of delightful goodies. The jewels are the first to catch my eye.

Another one of the sparkly displays.

There's a stall that specializes in vintage clothing and accessories and they had the most amazing pieces. I'm sure I saw at least 10 dresses that I would love to own. They were seriously gorgeous. This is just one of their lovelies.

An enchanting chandelier.

Isn't this strawberry picnic basket just adorable?

This sweet little needlepoint would be so happy on one of my walls with a collection of other oddities.

More wonderful things...

And hats! Oh my goodness, the hats!

So that was our Saturday. Hope yours was great too! Check back soon to see the incredible garage sale treasures we found over the weekend.

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  1. What a lovely day indeed. This month of pampering and excitement all over baby's arrival is memorable and different. This is sure to stand out from the other pregnancies, making it a not-so-"typical 3rd child" already. Thanks everyone for the love drizzled on both the baby and I.


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