Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Jewelry Artiste

I've shared a few pictures with you over the past year of some of my jewelry and particularly how I store and display it at home. It's usually out on a table sitting in a bowl of some kind or hanging on a wall (my sister uses mismatched teacups to hold her rings and earrings). I've not invested in a special jewelry storage something-or-other yet though sometimes I wonder if I should. One day I'll show you my mom's jewels, a shocking dose of splendor, which are tucked into an incredible little storage system she's created in her closet. Here are some gorgeous photos of jewelry stored and displayed around different homes, to perhaps give you some inspiration on how to show off your own, even if it's just you enjoying it! I think you should display your favorites like art, up on the wall or on a dressing table, as long as your husband doesn't mind a bit of bling.

Beautiful baubles!

The jewelry armoire.

So sleekly mod.

A hand adorned with colorful statement rings.

You could even hang your earrings from the lattice in this frame and a few odds and ends on the branch.

Some great ideas here. And I love what seems to be tin ceiling tile on the wall (at least that's where I'm used to it being).

Door knobs attached to the wall to hold chunky necklaces.

A store displaying their necklaces beautifully!

Some of my own...

Loft earrings

Brooches turned into earrings from an antique store.

And you might remember these ...

{Via Lonny Mag, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Bando, and Amber Fisher}

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