Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Last Week of Summer

School starts on September 1st, so we're getting everything ready to go around here. Yesterday's art time was all about school. Have to talk it up a whole bunch and make sure that everyone is just bursting at the seams about it. Let's cross fingers that there are no tears. So Monty's art was all about the square shape and he turned his squares into lego towers. Parker chose to draw and color a snack time at school. That used to be his favorite part of the day, he said. (Let's hope that this year it is reading and arithmetic - yeah right).

Building towers out of squares

Letters spelling "square" all over the place!

Snack time at school is the best!

I found the cutest back packs for them. Parker picked out the Paul Frank astronaut rock band back pack from Target and Monty actually picked out Spiderman. But then he received this amazing hand painted monkey back pack from SA and went bananas! Yay. So much cuter.

Our cool back packs

"Monkey stealing bananas" 

I found these adorable lunch bags in Tulsa at a kid's boutique. They're made by Skip Hop.

Our lunch bags

My parents returned from SA last night and we all rushed over to meet them and their suitcases full of presents. This is Uncle Bob, who wanted to be called UB and which the kid's turned into Shoobee. He likes to gives the kid's "noogies" which they thoroughly dislike. This is Elliot's noogie, I suppose. It's okay Shoobs ... whatev.

Shoobee likes to bug us

I purchased these J. Crew shorts on sale and was so thrilled. They're the coolest ... distressed, soft rosy pink and with those little studs. Best shorts ever!
{blouse - Gap, necklace - Express, cuff - SA)

Good bye favorite summer shorts

And here are a few outfits the kids received. There are so many incredible things to show, just have to photograph it all. The cousins came over today after swim class and played outside (the mozzis are just AWFUL right now!).

Watch me dance!
Hand painted onesie in a size 6-12 months (for Adorlee's almost here sibling). Yes, she's that little but also, these clothes are that big! It says "lion daydreaming about his lunch". Cute.

Soccer shirts from the World Cup. Woohoo!

Go South Africa!

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  1. I have those J. Crew shorts also. Haven't worn them yet though.


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