Thursday, August 5, 2010

Room Makeover #2!

We started off our morning with coffee and donuts (mm mm mm) and found our energy levels soaring as we took to the upstairs of Daena's house (intentional, yes). It was time for bedroom #2, the new shared bedroom, to be remodeled and redazzled in order to accommodate 2 of everything, both boy and girl. What a fun job it is to have the best of both worlds together in all their pink and blue glory. Daena chose grey as her main color and accented with sprays of orange on both sides and a touch of pink with a dab of blue. It's perfect! We considered how to separate the sides, as these two siblings were NOT in favor of sharing a night's sleep, and finally settled on canopies over each bed, to provide a sense of being closed off in their own little space. It also adds a lovely softness. Well, enough talking ... here are some pictures.

The boy's side.
{Canopy from World Market, bedding from Target and Pottery Barn Teen, soft chair from Pottery Barn Kids, art work from Fine Arts Festival at church, other odds and ends from resale stores or long loved/owned items. I have to make a special mention of the horns which were slipped into the room by Dylan's dad as a special addition to his space. Too funny, but luckily they're very chic at the moment, so well done Shoobee!}

Boy's wall space.
{Super cool shelf from Goodwill}

How it meets in the middle.
{Gorgeous antique horse found at a garage sale!}

The girl's side which echos much of the boy's side.
{Quilt and owl pillow from Target, the heart shelves were made by my grand father and used to be in Daena's room when she was little, apron from Anthropologie.}

Girl's wall space.
{Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, sweet little birthday crown from Tamar's shop at Etsy}

The big reveal! This was followed by a party which included a cake with candles (a chocolate and strawberry side) with a few little presents. They celebrated this great milestone with gusto, in the hopes of smoothing the process a bit. It worked magnificently!

A few pieces of furniture were left in the room for storage and there are a few little things we still hope to do (such as matching lamps on the side tables and perhaps a tiny bunting around the canopy's hoop). It was a successful day and such great fun! Congrats Dylan and Adorlee!

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