Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiny, Colorful, Heavenly Cakes

This is what I did last night...

I cut tiny slices off of my latest batch of Laduree macarons, sampling each one and enjoying the surprise of each, as those colors sure pack some flavor (and not all the most delish actually). My mom brought them home from Paris, as hoped, and they looked as bright and adorable as I imagined they would. I've had this little box since Monday and I've been waiting for an evening when I can get together with my mom and sisters and sample each, much like a box of chocolates. But last night I picked up the little package and read the side and had a horrified realization. It said that 1. they had to be refrigerated (ah!) and 2. they had to be eaten within 3 days. I was now on day 4! So I could not wait a moment longer as they were sure to be either moldy or smushy in the morning, or perhaps they would have lost 5o% of their flavor by day 5. (You never know). So I sighed an "okay, I'll eat them now" and began the surgery of cutting and tasting. It was delightful. Only a 3rd of each, mind you, so that the rest of the girls can still enjoy (albeit fresh-less).

"These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Laduree's "laboratories"". The flavors - vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio. lemon, caramel with salted butter, liquorice, roses, orange blossom, raspberry, violet blackcurrant, mint, green apple and a few more. 

I had quite a bit of fun taking picture after picture of them, as you can see. 

My favorites? You'd be surprised (if you knew my preferences), as I usually love the fruit flavored desserts. But this time I LOVED the chocolate which tasted as if it oozed actual chocolate mousse on the inside, and also the caramel with salted butter which sounds a bit disgusting really but was in actuality, supremely delicious. 

Chika took my mom shopping in SA and directed her to the more beautiful things. Thank you, my friend. This bag is handmade by a South African designer with recycled materials. It's incredible!  (Please excuse the mess in the background! We were playing outside.)

My new gorgeous purse

Last night's dinner. Can you guess what we ate?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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