Monday, August 2, 2010

A Weekend in Photos

I had a fairly uneventful weekend and due to a very busy and important huz, I was left to my own devises each evening. And though I did manage to accomplish some back burner tasks (scrapbooks and super secret baby decor), I went a little crazy with my rings, piling them on my freckled shorties (sorry, I'm no hand model!) and enjoying the fabulousness. Here are the pictures I snapped.

Left to right-
Great grandma's signet ring, Anthropologie clusters, heirloom ring
Present, ring found on road!, present, heirloom ring, grandmother-in-law's engagement and wedding rings
Cocktail ring from antique store, flower from T J Maxx
Banana Republic flower, Target turquoise

Left to right-
The first 3 lovelies were once my moms
A gift from a dear friend, pretty little thing from an antique store
Statement ring from TJ Maxx (it's the greatest place to find some special pieces)


I also went over to my sister's home to snap some preggie pictures. She's only 35 weeks but I think this little one is coming early!

(dress from Urban Outfitters and top from J Crew)

(Top from Old Navy and skirt from Target)

Dylan and Adorlee giving baby some love.


And then we got ourselves all dressed up for church on Sunday.

And the big boys did an Abercrombie photo shoot (heehee).

I tried to take some "Sunday Outfit" pictures, as best I could. It's a tricky business, sharing outfits with you when I have no photographer!

I love this skirt from Target and shirt from Gap. Necklace Loft.

And there it is! How was your weekend?

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