Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

{$2.50 spot at Target}

The Halloweeny decor has made an appearance at our home this week. I kinda love the holidays cause they give me an excuse to spread glitter all over my testosterone filled home (and for 4 more months!). The pumpkins will grace our doorstep next weekend (just in time for a party!), but in the mean time I'll take you on a tiny tour of our newly spruced up home. Note - a work in progress.

We'll start at the front door. Welcome.

 The pumpkin lady hangs her broom here when she comes over for a cup of licorice tea.

Such a sweetness about her, don't you think? And so fashionable in her couture gown. Let's take a closer look, shall we.

Velvet, polka dots, hot pink tie dye jeggings, fringe, feathers. Hot off the runway! Wish you could see her shoes...

And as afore mentioned, I dined with my lovely Ellen a few nights ago. Gourmet mac and cheese, chicken piccata and vanilla and chocolate Kahlua creme brulee. Delish! (I couldn't decide on a flavor preference for the creme brulee, so the chef prepared a little dish of both.)

And here we are ... Her hair is incredible, isn't it? Too gorgeous!

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