Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Charlie Dale is Here At Last

Hallelujah indeed!

It's written all over their faces, isn't it?
Well, little Charlie arrived on Monday evening and since then I've not really paid much attention to life outside of those hospital walls. But now he's home and in his new room (pictures to come soon!) and he's just absolutely perfect in every possible way. I have a sweet secret that I can finally tell ...   At Charlie's 20th week in the belly, his parents gave me a very special note from their doctor and in it was confidently written, "It's a boy!" (his parents did not know what he was until he arrived). I had the massive honor of knowing about this little man for quite some time and with this wonderfully crucial information, I was able to decorate a room (well, on paper) that would be perfectly suited to him; not just an in-betweener.  What a difficult but awesome secret to keep. Whew ... I made it!

Thank you Daena and Shoobs for that. You'll never know how much ....


  1. sheesh! what a wonderful, albeit difficult, secret to keep!!! you are the best aunty!!! congrats to Daena and Bob, and to Dylan and Addie!!! And to YOU! Love Nicole


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