Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Simple Things

The madness of my week begins to slow down when I reach Wednesday, allowing me a relieved sigh and a good sink into the couch. I'm so grateful for that fact; all work can be accomplished promptly at the start of a week and then left in the dust as a take off to better things (such as hours of catching up on TV shows I've had to miss - Gossip Girl is off the charts this season, isn't it? Those clothes are remarkable!)

While their mamma flurries about the kitchen preparing lunches and sweeping old food out of the way of eat-anything crawlers, the boys keep themselves occupied with a leftover-lackluster balloon from the weekend's frivolities and security trinkets that remain a constant obsession even 2 weeks later. Ugh! 

Fresh out of bed, someone managed to find a favorite toy that had been missing for quite some time. Woo hoo! No more tears about it. 

The rings, out of a vending machine at Perkins of all places, is his be all and end all right now. They go everywhere! School  - have to remain in his pocket as they're not technically allowed at school, which prompts the very funny "My hand is tired" game, causing the hand to remain in said pocket for most of the school morning. Bed - which is driving me completely nuts because my "great" sleeper is now waking me up a couple of times in the wee hours of the morn to help him find his rings. Seriously? I'm going to have to break out a jewelry box and create a wonderful new place where rings can sleep at night, tucked into their own blankets and pillows, but laying beside him instead of on or under him. Who would have thought that his deepest devotion could go further than his duppy (duppy is now a nasty old thing but I have a new adoration for it's stringy, mangy grossness). 

Aw. I love you balloon. My strawberry blond boy seems to become more strawberry as the months pass. What a wonderful surprise that is. There was no hint of it when he was born and I thought the good colors always tend to fade, not brighten!

Have a spectacular day!

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