Monday, October 4, 2010

Decadent Velvet

Velvet is back, my friends, and though I've been through some very rough velvety patches, I can safely say that I am quite thrilled about the ready-to-wear return of this rich fabric. I actually own quite a surprising amount of velvety clothing, much from the 90's (therein lies the afore mentioned problem). You see, I wore some horrendous clothing in the 90's (but didn't we all?) and one particular hot -pink-crushed-velvet-maxi-tent dress comes to mind. Thank goodness I do not own a scanner because I would then be urged to share the monstrosity with you. I also loved to gallivant in a pair of wide leg, black velvet trousers in those days and often dolled up in a black fitted floor length skirt of the same fabric. But I do own 2 gorgeous velvet skirts which once belonged to my grandmother, though I have yet to take the challenge of styling and wearing them out, which are gems. They are both part of an outfit that includes a beautiful velvet jacket, one ensemble in black and the other in wine. The skirts fit in the waist, something that is now actually quite hip and not too unflattering, and they both fall just below the knee, an odd length but again, a little more fashionable now. Vintage, vintage, vintage ... so amazing always, but at times tricky to style in a current and cool way. I'm excited about the challenge though! (jackets have always been easy peasy - just add jeans - and they resemble some of my favorite J. Crew obsessions).

I've compiled a collection a really breath takingly beautiful velvet looks from an assortment of designers. It's back and I'm ready to strut it like I love it!

{Andrew Gn}

{Burberry Prorsum}


{Dolce and Gabbana}


{L'Wren Scott}

{Roberto Cavalli}

And a few more "affordable" options...

{Banana Republic}



I whipped out a little velvety something for the party yesterday. Made me feel like a fuchsia frosted cupcake and I kinda loved it. Remember that little saying, "Dress like a cupcake should feel"? Indeed.

{All from season's past. Jacket - Old Navy, necklaces - antique market, jeans - Forever 21, heels - Kohls}

{runway images via}

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