Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dilly Dally Day

Elliot and I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon, not doing anything particularly useful, just snacking and chatting. Though I think it was a splendid use of our time, there were moments when the howling winds and gloomy skies caused us to crawl in bored circles around the living room; not too productive. Eventually I hauled out the ingredients sure to cheer me up, making apple cider for 1, buttered cinnamon-walnut toast for 2 (see said cinnamon on corner of toddler's mouth below), and painting my nails a vivacious red. 

Essie's "Wild Thing" & "Shine On"

{I'm an awful manicurist, but I'm modeling it all the same}

An exciting discovery! - 
Essie nail polish happens to be my top favorite brand. I think it was the gorgeous colors at J. Crew (over the spring) that had me hooked (those corals!), but the $8.50 price tag kept my Essie purchases to only 2 over the past year - a ballet pink and a perfect khaki/tan. But today I discovered the best kept polish secret ever and right in my mall. (Drumroll ....) Aerie, a tiny lounge/underwear store belonging to American Eagle, sells Essie polish too and when you buy one you get the second free! Now that's much better. In fact, this deal is the same for all their makeup and it's really lovely. Made by the Mac cosmetics company, another brand I looove, and the colors are all deeply gorgeous and subtly shimmery + also buy one get one free! (And according to the sales person, it's even eco-friendly). So grab your sister (do-si-do) and split the cost of some new festive colors for the holiday season. 

{And a thank you to the wonderful comments I've received from a few of you this week, shared moments of how you too are feeling more excited about dressing up! And when you tell me you're a "slave to my blog" .... well ... that's just wonderful!)


  1. I'm new to your blog and it's awesome. Love the header, did you set that shot up? And your son's pants rock..right on!

    Wow I just typed right on...enough said.

    Happy to be a new follower

  2. Hi! So happy to have you here! I checked your blog out too and your "blondie" is gorgeous. Oh, and the header is borrowed, not my own.


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