Monday, October 18, 2010

A Green Dress

It was such a spectacular weekend; gorgeously toasty weather, fun window shopping, tasty muffins (pineapple upside down - so delish!) and lots of sweet cuddly moments with the boys. I even had 2 wonderful surprises from my "big boy", reminding me yet again of how these first few years fly by at lightning speed. Parker memorized his first scripture verse on Saturday and recited it at kid's church yesterday, bringing home his prize with great pride (I spent many {ever-so-slightly-painful} years in Bible quiz back in my high school days, so this moment was really sweet to me).  And then during some reading time, he showed enough confidence to try reading out loud to me, and managed a shocking amount on his own. My first reader! ... just so stinking proud.

Yesterday I found myself in the mood for my flouncy accordion pleated dress ... one of my absolute faves. My mom says I have a lot of favorites, but this one has to be in the top 3. We can say all sorts of things about it's madly forest-y emerald hue - perfect for St Patricks/ Packer game days/Christmas parties. Whatev ... I love it whenever, where ever. When I saw it's frothy green chiffon pouring out between the other dresses, I decided to try a more Anthropologie-esque route adding the saddle belt, flowered tights and caramel leather boots. Yesterday it felt much more autumn cozy than holiday fancy.  

I have this wonderful corduroy jacket with suede elbow patches that's ancient but still gorgeous. Needs a few new buttons though. 

The prettiest sleeves ever. 
{necklace - Besselli, belt - Target}

{dress - H&M, boots - T. J. Maxx}

Thanks for taking the pics Daen! Note to self - work on keeping eyes open in bright sunlight! Haha.


  1. this link was at the bottom of your last post.....LOVE THIS DRESS!!! Seriously this whole outfit is ADORBS!!!!!


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