Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovelies at Home

I photographed a few pretty things at home yesterday; things I love and look forward to wearing again. 

 {sequin beanie - Target, necklace - Limited}

The boys go through stages when they prefer to have a slumber party on the floor, rather than sleeping in their beds. The fun in this little event may be enhanced by their incredibly cute and cozy sleeping bags, monogrammed proudly, with furry head, hands and feet. They received them for Christmas when each was 2 (Elliot hopes to get one too!) and they've made sleeping at grannie's house so much easier. I think these little sleepy time doggies are genius.

 {sleeping bags - Pottery Barn Kids}

The stuffed animals partying on the bed are all bedtime favorites. Each has a place of honor around someone's face each night. It's getting a little crowded, I think!

How their beds look in the morning, after they've zoomed out for cereal. 

 Elliot's new lion hat from Grannie. 

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  1. That hat is sooo adorable! And then on Elliot, :D! Perfect!


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