Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Muzzy Wuzzy

Parker affectionately named little E his "muzzy wuzzy" some time ago and we love it. Elliot has a endlessly long line of nicknames, some of which you've heard, and they just keep on coming. But when it's a special something that comes from a sibling's heart, it's so much sweeter.

Today Muzzy and I tended to our pumpkin patch and worked on thigh squats. We also broke out the Halloween costumes from years past and tried a few on, in the hopes of finding something appropriate for a broadway costume party. Hmmm.... Lion King perhaps?


  1. Thigh square and the sitting in his knees are my faves! Now he can also be dubbed "Little E, the Elephant". Wonderful.

  2. I remember when Dylan sat on his feet like that. Too precious, little E, and happy real birthday tomorrow.

  3. Thats the sweetest little elephant I have ever seen!


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