Monday, November 29, 2010

What We Wore

{necklace & boots - Urban Outfitters, dress - H & M, (sexy) cardi - Loft, tights - Gap}

I'm home ... a little sad and a little glad. We drove through the night last night and the reason I am blogging right now is simply because little one is up and so I can't be down. I'll join him for his morning nap. Our vacation was so wonderful and there were plenty of delicious, funny, and thrilling moments. In order - Ruth's pies, Dance Central on Kinect (awwwesome, by the way!), and gorgeous little finds to add to my Christmas decor (beginning tomorrow as I have a party on Thursday, ugh!).

This is what Cara and I wore yesterday. First, a close up of Cara Meliah ...
{necklace - antique market, (sexy) cardi - Besselli, dress - Fossil, tights (borrowed) - Gap, boots - Sam Edelman}

I found this dress at the Fossil store in Tulsa, on the sale rack, and instantly fell in love with it's shape, color, and print. Thanks husband!
My mom picked up this amazing coral-y red Essie polish at J. Crew for the girls and on Saturday night we had a margarita and nail painting party. After 3 coats plus a clear top coat (I don't usually get that far as my manicure time at home is often limited, but we wanted to do it right in the hopes that it lasts longer than 2 days) we had to wait ages and ages for them to dry properly before we went to bed. It was kinda funny, cause we were so tired and we had to lay around chatting long after we should ... thoughts slurred and eyes blinking heavily. But the nails still looked good in the morning!
How was your Thanksgiving and holiday weekend? Find anything nice?

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  1. You guys look great. Love the outfits. Your blog is the first thing I see every morning, now that I'm using your laptop. :)


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