Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glamorous Gold

My antique lamp has become laden with my favorite jewels. It started with just one necklace and then more and more were added. I felt like this lamp was so decadent even before I started to dangle statement pieces from it's hooks, but now it's down right indulgent.
We've done a bit of rearranging (again) in our family room. My tufted velvet beauty has finally made it's way into the heart of the living instead of being stuck in a lonely corner. (In other words, my huz has finally come to his senses).
 Just a few pictures of the boys, taken over the course of the week. We begin with a sight that's become quite familiar to us, a sweetie outstretched in delightful anticipation (with organic puffs in other hand. Haha!)
 An assortment of funny faces from little E. We were working on a part he's auditioning for soon.
Hope you're having a fab week!

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  1. Huzzah to that pretty couch making it where it belongs! Love little E's faces!

    We used to have orange crushed velvet furniture, I have to say we weren't ready for it's style in our lives but I do miss them now. Grandma had some taste!


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