Monday, November 15, 2010

I am a Rockstar!

Haha. Not even close! Let me explain ....

I've been excited to have a go at the on-again leather trend, making a full force comeback from the 80's (of course, it's been dotted here and there since then but not as seriously as now). I've seen (faux - almost always) leather pants at Target, tops at Lerner, skirts at Gap, shorts at Forever 21. And of course, I've admired how gorgeous they look on models and actresses the world over. But on me, they're perfectly awful ... always. Well, until I recently idled into a Kohls and sauntered by a lovely pair of pants hanging delicately in the Vera Wang section (a line I've never been lucky with). They looked amazing on the hanger and when I tried them on, I think I may have skipped a little around the dressing room (little E watched quizzically {but loving it}) as I realized that they did, indeed, fit me and that they reminded me of riding pants, a style I find very chic. (As a side but silly note - I am not unusually familiar with riding pants nor have I spent much time horse back riding but rather am slightly frightened of those gentle giants due to a feared for my life extremely wobbly galloping experience when I was younger.) Now, the leather-y part of this comes in at the knees. They're not even completely leathered pants, but they're close enough for me.

So I wore them for the first time yesterday and they immediately made me feel like a total rockstar, not something I was completely comfortable with because, believe it or not, I don't actually want to stand out in a crowd. So I paired it with a tunic length dress and a ruffled cardigan to soften the drama.

{scarf - H & M, cardigan - Anthropologie, dress - boutique, pants - Vera Wang for Kohls, wedges - Kelsi Dagger at T J Maxx,  cocktail ring & ankle socks - T J Maxx}


  1. I don't know what you're talking ARE a rockstar! Love love LOVE your looks. I kind of want all of them.

  2. Could you please maybe buy me those shoes or have mom buy them for me. I love them!!!! And since we live so far from each other...could I please have them too?!


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