Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Last of Autumn

Ah ... winter is quickly creeping in through the cracks; not so shy anymore. I found this dress hiding quietly amongst the bright and shinys and I thought it was the perfect last ode to fall, it's  blossoms reminding me of all the crunchy brown leaves now underfoot their spindly trees. I recently found the perfect everyday cardigan that's a "works with everything" creamy hue, like a delicious condensed milk, these boots their caramel counterpart. (Hmmm... can you tell I'm ready for Thanksgiving desserts?).  The tights are a cozy hunter green cable knit, sure to keep my legs toasty even in the thick of winter. The outfit is accented with a fairly new necklace (gorgeous layer upon layer of amber beads and chain) and my go-to studded belt.

I find something extra sweet about baby doll dresses, besides their perfect-to-spin-in skirts  They can, in fact, still look quite flattering even as my body grows and shrinks from one child to the next. This one is another export from South Africa; made the trip over with me in '93 and I even remember wearing it to a "free dress" day at school in '95! Well, only for a few minutes as I was sent right back home to change (private Christian school with a 2 fingers above the knee skirt rule. Made me get down on my knees soon after I entered the building and then made me walk back to my car {traumatized for life as I was watched my a zillion handful of snickering high schoolers}. Wish my "I'm a foreigner and don't always understand your strange American ways" card worked in that instance). Anyway ... I've even worn this dress with a 5 months pregnant belly - pretty great huh? Is it possible that some of my clothing is now older than some of you? Does that mean I can now categorize these pieces as "vintage"? Haha. Back to the pictures.

{necklace & cardigan - Besselli (GB), dress - SA, belt - Forever 21, bangle - Piperlime, tights - T J Maxx, boots - J C Penney}


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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