Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Perfectly Beaded Bed

I often find myself flipping through page after page of beautiful bedrooms, attempting to find the one that I consider completely perfect; one that I would use as inspiration for my own. I've not found that perfectly designed and decorated bedroom yet, top to bottom, but I recently came close! Holly from Decor 8 recently adventured to Morocco and stayed at the stunning Peacock Pavilions. I instantly fell in love with the enchanting rooms at this hotel ... and you can see why. (Hint hint - it's the bed spreads that I'm completely head over heels for.)

Oh, the throws on these beds are dreamy aren't they? Do I have to fly to Morocco to find one of my own? Actually, I think I saw a very similar beauty at the Moroccan village market at Disney's Epcot Center. It was white and had incredible silver beading that completely stunned me (definitely seemed the size of a throw) but I did not bring it home with me unfortunately. It was in the $90 price range (quite good for a bed spread like that, I think!) Ah. Wish, wish, wish. So I imagine these would be really cheap at a true Moroccan market. Let me know if you're going.

You may have noticed the painted ceilings in some of these images. So gorgeous! And that fireplace mantle looks like it's covered in an intricately beautiful white lace pattern. The ottomans are so cool. That mural wall, the colorful glass lighting, those warmly textured rugs! Too lovely. I think that I would attempt to use many of these ideas as inspiration for my "perfect" bedroom, just adding a little something to give it a cozier feeling. I'm sure the fact that my ceilings are not 7 miles high like these would help.

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