Saturday, December 18, 2010

Copy Cat

 At the beginning of the week I discovered these shimmery tights at Madewell, styled into a dressier "evening" look (I wasn't able to get that particular image for you). But it had a little light bulb glowing incessantly above my head until I finally located a very similar pair of tights, hidden deeply in a drawer in our basement. I've had these tights for ages, at least 15 years, but probably more. And I remember my sister and I wearing them when we were younger - likely the 80's, don't you think? Anyway, yay! So here we go again, breaking out those old treasures and reinventing them for today. I grabbed my summer cut offs and a pair of Mary Janes and dressed it on top with a vest, blazer and layered necklace. 
(Excuse the crummy iphone pics)
 On Wednesday night we had our rescheduled kid's Christmas production. I had to wear "pants" since the little ones need me there on the front row to help them with their steps, easier to do this way. And I excused my sparkly legs on night 1 and night 2 (have to take some better pics of my outrageously awesome sequined M C Hammer pants!) to the tiny dancers who admired them, as shiny dancing batons, easy to locate in a dark room. Haha! Yes, that was my plan all along.
{necklace - Lerner, blazer - Express, sweater - Gap, vest - {gifted} Azure,  shorts - reworked T J Maxx, tights - overseas, heels - Arden B}

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