Monday, December 6, 2010

Dance-y Dancers

I may have mentioned a time or two that I teach dance - ballet and jazz at the moment. I have about 55 students and they're getting themselves ready for a performance this weekend, in a grand ol' Christmas show! (My boys happen to be in the choir {complete with choreographed and propped songs - all kinds of happiness} for this production, so there's MUCH excitement heading our way. I literally cried when Parker sang in his first Christmas show and now I have not one, but two. Plus Monty is so much more expressive. I'll just have to keep a box of tissues at my side). So I took a few little snaps of some of the girls this evening at class. I've said to a few, that though the Lord has not blessed me with any girls of my own (don't worry God, I'm totally okay with it - honest), I have been given the great honor of teaching  oodles of young ladies on a weekly basis and I honestly feel like I get my sufficient "girl" fill right there.  And these little ones are also known to conjure up a few tears at any moments notice (and I'm usually such a unemotional being). I think it's those tummies held tight, chest and chin lifted proudly, feet beating against the floor as they bourree confidently across the stage and then the grand ending as they stretch out their little arms as far as they can into a sweet arabesque - this makes me want to cry just a little. And it's only the very first movement in their dance! Jeez ... hold it together. Those sweet little things. Here are just a few of the lovelies.
Not sure what's going on here with the bunny pose, but hey ... whatever floats your boat.
Ah. That wonderful moment when you look through the lens and see everyone in 5th position and actually looking like a little ballerina (without the usual prompt). Perfection!
My jazzers. 

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