Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Everyday Classic

 Do you have a favorite pair of jeans in your closet or is it still something you're searching vehemently for? I think I have 2 faves right now, one from Gap and the other Forever 21 (a pair you've seen a million times by now). But I've also had some luck with the options at American Eagle and T J Maxx (more great prices). I just recently received my first pair of designer denim - Current/Elliot (my husband did a gig at Azure, a great little boutique in De Pere {he played for a Christmas-y open house} and anyway, I got to go shopping in their store!) Yes, they feel like "butter" on and yes, I can tell they're made beautifully, but I think my $18 pair from Forever 21 will get more mileage out of me. On this day, I had on a comfy straight leg with an old belt, a simple navy sweater, and a vintage scarf (that usually acts as a table cloth). It felt classic to me ... sort of had that Ralph Lauren vibe about it.
 {scarf - vintage, sweater - Gap {$12!}, bracelets - Banana Republic & grandma, belt - Gap, jeans & shoes - T J Maxx}


  1. have you ever modeled for clothing ads or catalogs? if not, you might want to consider it; i think they'd love you!

    and, who does your photography? i am an amatuer joe-photo girl & your photos are AMAZING! w/d love to help on a phoot shoot (I've assisted professional photographers in Madison as an assistant on locations)... or learn what type of camera(s) you use to capture these gems?! love, love, love them!

  2. Hi anonymous!
    No, never modeled. Haha. I actually feel like I'm terrible at it. My husband takes the photos and we have a Nikon D40. So sweet of you to want to help! Do you live in Madison?


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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