Monday, December 20, 2010

"What I'd Wear" Series - Part 1

{To a Christmas Eve Service}

I had quite a bit of fun over the weekend, playing dress up in a closet much, much bigger than my own. I dragged the huz and little E to Besselli in Green Bay and while Elliot screamed to his sweet little heart's content (it's his new thing - his preferred method of communication - super awesome), I brushed through the racks of pretty things in the hopes of finding 3 holiday inspired outfits. They're a sort of "what I wish I could" wear to :

1. Our Christmas Eve service at church
2. A fancy dinner with the huz 
(the one from a similar commercial in which a {Tiffany blue} box is about to be revealed with smiles & sweet tears & sparkles galore ... & molten chocolate lava cake. wink wink)
3. A New Year's Eve party!

Let's start with Christmas Eve.

 Isn't it funny how we tend to go back (again and again) to the "looks" that we really love? At least I do. So I immediately went for the rack of creamy frocks, an abundance of feminine frills, ruffles and lace. Too lovely. This particular dress has a very "raw" quality which I like; not too perfect in it's frothy perfection. I had to try it with a luxuriously soft, black velvet blazer and a pair of patterned tights, which added a bit of whimsy and interesting texture to the oh-so-dreamy dress. The booties are a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll. Quite the combo, isn't it?

 I think I've discovered that now that I'm in my 30's, I no longer desire to wear what everyone else is traipsing around in. I'm enjoying having much more fun with fashion, usually trying something a little unexpected with my outfits. I think that's why I really love this trend of mixing feminine with something a little more masculine, together in one look. The blazers and oxfords being the boyish yet charming example of what I can add to my usual obsessively girly get up. 

{All clothing - Besselli (thank you!)}
velvet blazer - LA Made $118
dress - Love and Liberty $248
tights - Free People $28
wedge boots - Khrio - $182
ring - my own from Target

Check back this week for parts 2 & 3 of "What I'd Wear"!
And don't forget to enter the Holiday Giveaway which ends on Friday!!


  1. The "Huz", this is the new slang you're using for me now?

  2. That dress is sooooo beautiful! Good thing I'm leaving town or I'd be over at Besselli!:-) Beautiful photographs!



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