Friday, January 14, 2011

70's Bohemian {is my fave}

Good morning friends! I feel like it's been a while since I've posted any outfit pictures, but it's simply because I've not had my photographer home with me until it's dark enough outside that any indoor shots would have looked awful.  So yesterday morning I tried some self timed pics, with Monty ducking behind the couch each time the photo snapped, as if it were a mini bomb going off. Then he'd pop back up to see the results and tell me where to move to. Anyway, here are our sometimes-less-than-focused images ...
I'm certainly in the mood for a spring-y twist to my everyday (aren't we all?).  Nothing too drastic - I'm happy to throw on my cozies and cuddle up to a glowing fire. But just a hint of floral feels so feminine and the boho feel of soft, flowing chiffons and floppy hats, paired with the (trendy again) flare jean are all exactly what I need right now. Usually a spring/summer fave, but also a great pick me up in the dead of winter.  
 I popped into Gap on Wednesday, armed with my Christmas gift card, aching to spend it on the menswear inspired button downs in their silken fabrics (very much reminded me of the looks at Madewell) or the sheer blouse with it's sweet little neck tie. And the wide leg denim was all over, in every wash, and extremely cool. But I dutifully made my way to the sale racks, as the signs boasted another 50% off! And there were incredible leftovers. I picked up this pair of jeans, a "vintage flare" according to the label. The best part, they're very similar to their brand new stock but were only $15. Thrilling! And the cardi was one of about 9 color options and also $15. So run along everyone and get yourself a little something too. 

 {hat - Banana republic, cardi and jeans - Gap, necklace - downtown antique (Somewhere in Time - GB), blouse - Aerie, ring - Disneyworld (!), shoes - Payless}
Wishing you all a totally fab weekend! Don't forget to wear something pretty!

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  1. You're simply the mort gorgeous woman in those jeans!!!!!! I loooooove it!!!


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