Monday, January 24, 2011

Fancy Pants

 Morning friends. Hope you're feeling fresh and sprightly after your weekend. I'm not much of a football fan but ... the Packers are going to the Superbowl! Pretty stinking fantastic.

Let's see. This weekend I ... 
~ froze my hiney off, though I spent no time outside except in passing from one mandatory spot to another. So it was short and not too awful. But everyone else complained of the cold! My little men went sledding in it, supremely bundled, and never really wanted to come in when they were called. We made them take a hot cocoa break every fifteen minutes - not such a bad deal, I think. Daena and I watched with our noses pressed to the windows (every 5 minutes ... as our nails dried ... and we licked the donut creme off of our lips).

~ went to a surprise party. My first. It was a little nerve wrecking waiting not-so-quietly in the dark and hoping to goodness it was pulled off splendidly. She seemed surprised if not slightly scared to see figures lurking in the dark. And once the trembles wore off, very excited to celebrate. Sweet lady. Whew. Happy birthday Lisa!

~ was scolded for my outfit choice. Ha. I wore my denim cutoffs with a pair of thick polka dot tights. Let me assure you that my legs felt nice and toasty, quite possibly more so than if hidden under my skinnies (the other bottom option). But this is Green Bay, my friends, and there are understood and expressly followed rules for dressing in winter. No shorts allowed! Ugh ... I could go on and on, but I won't (I've already erased a bunch so as not to bore you). Let me instead draw attention to the fancy PANTS I frolicked (not in the snow) in yesterday. But most importantly, the clogs! I've wanted a (leather/appropriately-high-but-not-uncomfy/swedish-inspired/sweetly detailed) pair for some time now and finally took the plunge when a gorgeous + well reviewed pair went on sale at Urban. Can't wait to play with them more (dresses & shorts?). Yippee!
{blazer - American Eagle, blouse - (Cynthia Rowley from) T J Maxx, necklaces - (vintage) Somewhere in Time & Loft, ring - vintage, belt - grandmother, pants - Express, clogs - (Seychelles from) Urban Outfitters}
My little dudes had to get in on the action. Such fun!
I even persuaded my biggie to give me an eskimo kiss. 
Rock it boys! 
Monty will ONLY wear mismatched socks ... and I let him. I also let him wear his Transformers shirt 3 days in a row (plus nights) if it tickles his fancy. I do wash it when I can. Not gonna "stunt" this kid's style. Whatevs buddy, let's make it happen. 
 Ah huh.  
{On boys}
{P: shirt - overseas (London), jeans - Gap
M: shirt - overseas (London), jeans - Old Navy
E: onesie - overseas (South Africa), vest - Gap, pants - (Knucklehead from) Sweet Peas, boots - Robeez}

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  1. Humpf...well I thought you looked wonderful. An applause by me...starting from your hair down to your toes.


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