Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's All Fair {Fashion} Game

 I love button up shirts, especially those in preppy plaids & cute gingham checks. I have only one of my own while the other is borrowed from my sister, the realization of which had me rummaging through my husband's side of the closet, just to see what I might find. You see, he has oodles of prepster button downs (my own doing I'm sure), and in every color under the sun. This is the shirt that I found in it's depths, an old one that's now too short on him (probably due to many washings)Yay for me! I thought it fit just perfectly, in that loosely boyish kinda way, and was perfect "as is" for lounging about the house. But on this occasion I decided to add a vest to define the waist a bit and top it off with an ultra girly necklace.
Wish he had more in my size! (might need to put the washer on the shrink cycle - got a great J. Crew check for Christmas)
{shirt - (Old Navy from) husband's closet, vest & necklace - Forever 21, jeans - Gap, ring - Florida, shoes - (Sam Edelman from) Piperlime}

A chic little lady in Florence, photographed by The Sartorialist, seems to have swiped her man's clothes too (adding pink socks!) And a side note, thank goodness for people like him, who allow us a glimpse of  fashion on the streets all over the world. I used to ask my BFF all the time, "So what are they wearing this season in SA?" Now I can see what people are wearing in NY, Milan, and Paris, in the blink of an eye. So cool!

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