Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sitting Pretty

 Little E and I were home most of the day yesterday, due to the sicks (more below), but we were dressed up all the same as we had hoped to go out to lunch (before we realized the sicks were as all consuming as they were). Oh well ...
I love this black cardi as it has a shimmery spray of sequins woven into it's soft wool but without the BAM of so many other sparkly get ups. It's perfect for my every day; just that hint of something extra pretty.

{sequined cardi - Express, necklace - vintage, silk tank - Tucker for Target, belt - Aerie, jeans - Current/Elliot from Azure, bracelet - Banana Republic, shoes - Nine West}
Superman was sick today. I took him and Monty to a play place yesterday and I watched in horror as a tiny 2 year old with a raw, red, runny nose sneezed a big wet arcing one all over my little E. Whatever landed on him hit him like a ton of bricks and kept those tears flowing all day long. Hope it's over soon!
 {shirt - Gap, pants - Australia}
 And on another day, Elliot sported this amazing grandpa cardi with elbow patches!
 {sweater & jeans - Gap}
I'll be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow. Till then!


  1. Ahhh sad to see superman go down...hopefully he and you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you. He's already on the up swing today. Well, at least a bit. :)

  3. Loving the way that superman shirt is looking on Mr. E. Also lovin' the grandpa sweater. He's just such a sweet cuddle bug. I miss the lovely snuggles he would give me.


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