Friday, January 28, 2011

Stolen Hearts {and button downs}

The huz will soon have to contemplate a lock and key for his side of the closet cause I am on a mad hunt now and having much, much fun stealing his clothes
{head band - (super old) unsure of origin, shirt - (husband's from) H&M, necklace - Target, vest - Azure boutique, jeans - Forever 21, boots - Goodwill}
 Monty and I chilled together yesterday and worked on our best rockstar poses for the camera.
 {yes, his zip is down :)}
 My house looks as disheveled as he does!
{shirt - Sweetpeas}
 Elliot sporting some comfy circus-patterned clothes. 
 We finally bought a dining set last weekend at World Market and it's fantastic. The boys say that the dining room is now their favorite place to be. Let's hope we can keep it looking this pretty. 
{table top goodies : mini cake stand - T J Maxx,  amber glass and candelabra - Goodwill, decorative silver dish (have no idea what it's actually for) & runner - huz's grandmother}
 A stunning light that I found at a garage sale ages ago but have never actually hung. Still want to though. Pink embellished textile is also from my husband's grandmother, passed down to us (so lucky, as it's really beautiful). We were told it was made in Turkey, his grandfather's home. 
 Yesterday I worked on a little table cloth for the sad kitchen table (could really use a sand and stain). I cut out a rectangle from leftover muslin fabric (from the boy's bed tent) and I stitched this crocheted heart onto the center. I'm so looking forward to Valentine's day and plan to start celebrating from now until then! Haha. Godiva chocolate truffles, macaroons, and red velvet cupcakes are all on my sweet list for this next month ... and the huz has been informed. Hop to it. 
What sorts of sweets are your favorite Valentine must have? Do share! If there's something I've not tried yet, I must!
 Have a fabulous weekend friends ... and wear something pretty!

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