Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Remix - Day 14 {french riviera on a budget}

 Back to the business of what I love best, clothes! I'm pretty sure that my look today is perfect for a spring break vacation to the French Riviera, don't you agree? Must be the combo of the stripes and scarf, in a navy, white and khaki palette. My outfit today was inspired by the accessories I'm wearing and they were all thrift finds at Goodwill. Have you ever picked through the little baggies of jewelry at Goodwill stores? They're delightful! I have a friend from Stevens Point who was the queen of Goodwill jewelry finds, coming back with the most gorgeous pieces. Those little bags of jewelry remind me of the lucky packets (candy/jewelry/tiny toys) we loved so much when we were little. You never knew what you'd find inside, but you knew it would be good. On this particular thrifting occasion I picked up 3 "lucky packets" ($1.50 - $3 each), this scarf (.99 cents) and this purse ($5.99). A pretty successful day, I think. 
 The snow is starting to melt, though it may not look like it. And I was only just a little chilled outside which is very good news for spring (though some would disagree. i have a friend who adores the cold and wishes for feet and feet of snow! she has even made an ice rink for her kids in her back yard. incredible!).
{scarf, necklaces & purse - Goodwill, jacket & jeans - Gap, tank - Forever 21, boots - South Africa}


  1. Kirsty,

    LOL! Great outfit and you're right....I'm wishing for snow!:-)


  2. Kirsty!

    I check your blog daily as it makes me feel you are still close by. Love to see what you have put together each and every day. On this day, I could not help but notice your shout out to Goodwill treasure hunting (the very best kind). From one treasure hunter to the next, you look splendid.

    All my love!


  3. Chelsey! Is this you? Haha. I mean, the one from Stevens Point (I'm guessing so, though I have a Chelsey from Tulsa too and I can't be completely sure). If it is, you know you're the one I'm talking about right? The queen herself. I think of you every time I go to Goodwill and check out the jewelry, shoes and cardis. You need to become a follower. My 50! Don't be quiet any more cause I love that you're here.


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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